Why India Still Need Reservation?

The reason to introduce reservation in India is to stop discrimination among a specific disadvantaged section of society in a way to uplift them....

The Truth of Varn, Jati & Caste system.

Understand the difference between Varn, Jati and caste and know whoever makes such a conspiracy against this society and finally this great nation, because if we do not give up sleep today, tomorrow, black nights will come and we will have to stay awake.

Bihar Elections: Who Funds Media for Casteist Hate Among Hindus?

Remember how India's media have reported Hathras case of UP and tried to fuel the casteist hate among Hindus. In contrast, they kept mum on the love jihad cases that occurred in Hariyana and Rajasthan at the same time. They go completely silent when any Shia or Sunni, etc. commits any crime against another Muslim community or against Hindus. Child marriage, rapes, and divorce cases are common in Muslims, but Indian left-wing media never reports writing as ‘A Pathan community man raped a Shia community girl’. They also do not do this in the cases of various jihads by dominant, violent Vahabies and Pathans against Shias, Ahmadis, or Hindus.

Indian Caste Narrative – Sifting Fact from fiction

When the Europeans tried to make sense of Indian caste system, they have a model readily available - the Sistema de Casta. It was almost identical fit but not an exact fit...The vilification of caste system(which is regularly confused with caste hierarchy) is main stream now. Any evil India faces is a result of caste system. But, there are some fundamental questions which need to be addressed before trashing it as something abhorrent to human nature.