In the seed is a big tree. And what constitutes a tree? Its roots, its trunk, branches, stems, leaves and fruits. Each one has...

Not just Bharat, Hindus should seek to establish Dharmic Hindu rashtras around the whole world

Almost all the problems humanity is facing today is because of the lack of Dharmic values amongst humans. Be it global warming, religious terrorism, rape & crimes against women, racism, animal cruelty, or even the latest Wuhan coronavirus. You name the problem and an accurate diagnosis of the problem would lead you to only one conclusion: lack of Dharmic values.

Dharmik Ways to Stop Rapes in India

Some people protest, some people light candles and gather on famous monuments, but it all goes down in vain. Next morning, new cases is waiting for us in the corners of newspapers. So, what are we really doing to stop it???

Hindutva for All

It is evident that there is clear separation of religion (Moksha) from other three aspects-Dharma, Artha and Kaama. The King or State's role is to ensure this framework is followed and the foundation- "Dharma", is not compromised. King or State is agnostic to Moksha, as the primary focus of the state is to maintain Dharma.