Major’s body was found frozen on same rock, rifle in one hand and rope tied to the leg further tied to another rifle. 114 bodies were found frozen on their positions along with their rifles, but none of them moved.

Why a Modi out of power will get the best out of Modi in power

Numbers on the ground and show of strength matters. This is how you change the popular narrative. Ramjanmabhoomi Andolan changed the Gandhian-Nehruvian idea of "secular" India and paved way for an Indic renaissance. Modi's election and mass campaigns in 2014 changed the narrative in a big way. But now, Modi ji is the Prime Minister. It's not possible for him to actively take part in the social movements such as Shree Krishna Janmabhoomi case and create mass movements and narratives. Only if there was someone incorruptible like Narendra Modi out of power..