Once Again, Chicha Ratan Tata and Others Are Here With Their Diwali Fatwas

The recent fatwa on Diwali is about the crackers. Several states have banned the crackers, despite the loss of employment and business associated with it. They don’t have any concerns about unemployment, capital loss, and Hindu sentiments. Akshay Kumar, Volvo, Tatas, Tanishq, Judge Saheb, state governments have already issued their fatwa on Diwali crackers. Hindus are waiting for many more fatwas to come, but they know what to do when such fatwas hit their morals.

Amazon Prime’s Jihad by Mirzapur Web-Series

More astonishing is that Hindus are paying Amazon and jihadi Farhan for all this insult in the name of entertainment instead of boycotting these web series and OTTs. Oh innocent Hindus, unsubscribe from Amazon Prime. Tweet to the home ministry and UP chief minister Yogi Ji to get this Amazon Prime banned in India, who are taking all the money from you only to insult your religion, culture, and values.

The Tanishq ad and #LoveJihad

It is a recurring trend in ads and bollywood movies to show Brahmins and baniyas as manipulative cheats (in contrast to muslim imams and guys being the pious fatherly figures), a proper Hindi or Sanskrit speaking guy as a clown (in contrast to the deep profundity of Urdu speaking muslim guys), narrow-minded Hindu guys refusing services from a muslim (in contrast to the open-minded muslims). This ad just continues a trend, and hence the Hindu community has decided to object to these persistently one-sided depictions.