What Is #Navratri?

According to Sankhya all that manifests is She. This expression in name and form, in roopa and gati, is not just in the gross world but also in far subtler worlds that are not perceived by our gross senses. Thus she is our vital energy or prana, our mind and intelligence, and our sense of ego. As soon as one understands and sees clearly that the personality that is so dear to us are only her energies, something else emerges. An awareness that is free of all manifestation, that is niranjan, pure, without any tendencies or direction. This awareness is the purusha.

Durga Stuti in the Mahabharata

Rishi Vedavyas’s Mahabharata contains a very interesting episode of invocation of Goddess Durga by Arjuna on the battlefield of Kruskshetra. This appears in Book...