This is the tale of two arrests … that of Abhinandan and Arnab. Makes for interesting reading – similarities and differences galore. Speaks about our Nation, our Nationalism and our Spirituality too.

Presenting to you Abhinandan & Arnab …

  1. Both Army Brats. One continued with the Services, the other didn’t. Both tried to prevent further “Desh ka tukde tukde” from happening.
  2. Both caught & imprisoned in enemy territory – one outside the country, one within.
  3. One was mobbed and attacked by locals; authorities prevented further attacks. The other was attacked by authorities, rescue by locals (via petitions, prayers, etc.) is a work in progress.
  4. In both cases, the common man wrote to the Centre, prayed to Gods for safe release from confinement.
  5. One was given Tea by authorities; the other was shifted to a more violent jail by authorities.
  6. The entire Defense fraternity in one voice asked for Abhinandan’s release; not one from the journalist community stood up for Arnab and collectively asked for Arnab’s release. In fact some were seen celebrating.
  7. Many TV channels and Politician (especially Opposition) doubted the Army and the Centre and even gave talktime to the enemy country, to present their views/objections. Many TV channels and Politicians have blacked out / refused to comment on Arnab’s trials and tribulations and are willing to support the MVA Government’s dictatorial ways.
  8. Abhinandan was calm and collected always. Arnab was vociferous always.
  9. Centre moved in quickly to rescue Abhinandan because it was a National calamity. BJP is presumably giving outside support and its Ministers evincing their disappointment at the happenings via measured statements on Twitter. The Central Government has not yet commented on the issue, leave alone move wheels.
  10. The wheels of Justice move faster Internationally than Nationally.

Moral of the Story :

Borders should be Protected and those who guard borders deserve support and respect. Enemies outside our borders should be fought against openly and with valour. The entire country will support you and fight for you.

Area within country and its people, its culture, its thought-process, need not be protected and those who try to protect the country, culture, Indic religion, common man via Media and Social Media can live in a bubble wherein they support and respect themselves and be happy. Neither Government will support them, nor will the Opposition, nor the Media/SM who are against Nationalist/Sanatan thought-process will support or respect them.

Enemies within the borders cannot be fought openly, vociferously or bravely. Do it at your own risk. Anyone supporting such brave people who fight against enemies within the borders can be harassed too.

If caught between crosshairs of enemy within the Border, be prepared to become bankrupt via court cases.

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