It is clear that in India, the communists and Jihadis have formed an alliance. The communists are no longer “secular” but are now proponents of radical Islam.

Lets look at the below examples.

  1. All the radicalization started when left leaning historian Saiyid Nurul Hasan as the education minister of India in 1971. Nurul Hasan established the Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR) to rewrite the history filled with left historians.
  2. The left historians toed not only an anti-Hindu and anti-India line, but also radicalized the education. Narratives like “Buddhism/Jainism took birth to oppose Brahmanical tyranny, whole Indian history is filled with caste strife, Mughals were great, elimination of the role of native rulers from history, Sikhism is a separate religion” etc. were incorporated in Indian history by this institution.
  3. The left oppose the RSS accusing them of Hindu fundamentalism. But never oppose the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) who openly supports child marriage, opposes “Right to Education” as that would demean Madrassa style of education and supports Burqa, Triple-Talaq etc. But the reality is that RSS has supported every one (even Congress) when any step was taken for upliftment of women (like criminalizing dowry or giving equal rights to women in property matters).
  4. In Kerala, we see many radical Islamists have supported left. In one instance, one Muslim lady contesting on communist party ticket did not put her image on election hoardings as it portraying some one’s image is un-Islamic.
  5. The Communists have voted against the BJP Govt. when it criminalized triple- talaq.
  6. There is zero protest on China’s atrocities on Uighur Muslims, but when French President speaks against Islamic radicalization in France, there are protests in India and Communists have supported that.
  7. During their rule in West Bengal, it was the left Govt. who got the maximum number of Bangladeshi Muslims settled in India.
  8. Kerala produces the highest number of ISIS terrorists among all Indian states. And they say Kerala has the highest literacy levels.

Hence, I would claim that the Indian communists are not secular but have been Talibanized. They are behaving more like the Taliban or ISIS and are far worse than any other party in embracing the radical Islamic ideology.

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