They beheaded you in Hinglaj, Pakistan. A place that once was the pure lands of the sacred feminine. A place where now your worshippers cower in fear of their lives.

They shot you in Ballabhgarh, a young girl with a life to look forward to. When she was younger someone might have done her Kumari puja, worshipped her as Your manifestation. She was shot because she would not give up her faith.

It also happened in Sonbhadra, this time it was a beheading. Maybe someone did her Kumari puja too, when she was a child.
She too did not give up her faith.

In Munger they blew out the brains of your devotee whose only crime was your worship.
They rained blows on other devotees who huddled before you for Your protection.

Darkness gathers around your faithfuls

Your light we kept alive for millennia

is becoming a dying ember of suppressed history

And as the encroaching darkness grows stronger

and deeper and blacker

Your faithfuls realise that they are a majority in name only

Asto MA sadgamaya

Show us the truth mother

Tamso MA jyotirgamaya

Shine your light mother

Guide us on the path of dharma

May our hearts be strong

And our courage never waver

And our faith never falter

In this battle for Your eternal truth

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