Amid a series of targeted attacks on more than 128 Hindu temples in Andhra Pradesh since the YSRCP government headed by devout Christian, Jaganmohan Reddy came to power in Andhra Pradesh, now an ancient Nandi idol at a 500 year old ancient temple at Chittoor has been stolen a week ago.

The ancient Nandi idol installed at a 500 year old Lord Shiva temple at Devalampeta village of Palamaner mandal went missing a week ago. But the incident came to light only on Sunday (4th April), as reported by The Hindu.

As the news of the stolen ancient Nandi spread, it created an outrage among the residents of the surrounding forested villages.

The ancient Shiva temple is nestled deep into the forests of Jagamarla near Moghili ghat section and huge number of devotees flock to this holy temple during Maha Shivratri celebrations. Due to its relative inaccessibility, the temple is less visited by devotees for the rest of the year.

Few villagers reported the case of stolen Nandi idol to the police on 3rd April saying that the idol has been missing since March 26th.

According to a police officer, the stone idol of Nandi is situated in front of the main temple and it is not yet clear when the idol went missing. The police is said to be investigating the matter after receipt of complaint from the villagers.

The apathy of the police and administration over threat to temples is visible, since even after hue and cry over the increasing attacks and vandalism of Hindu temples, there is no basic security provided to guard the temples against vandals, thieves and anti-Hindu hate mongers.

In the recent past, several incidents of breaking of Nandi idols were reported from temples at Chittoor district alone. The Hindu newspaper, in a bid to explain away the vandalism of Hindu temples try to blame it on ‘treasure hunters’. Why are not these treasure hunters attacking the ever mushrooming Churches built in Andhra by encroaching public and temple lands?

The Hindu claims that since the vandalism at the holy Ramatheertham temple, the Chittoor police had ‘swung into action and installed digital surveillance at hundreds of vulnerable temples across the district’. If that is true how is it that the attacks on Hindu temples continue unabated? And how is it that the police has no clue about when was the Nandi idol stolen from the 500 year Shiva temple at Devalampeta village?

Why was there no CCTV cameras installed at this temple? The reason seems to be quite clear, that the Christian evangelist friendly administration of Andhra Pradesh are avidly aiding and abetting destruction of Hindu religious establishments. The evangelist missionary mafia Have been given a free hand to invade Hindu temple lands to construct illegal churches by breaking Hindu temples as complained by many Hindu organisations in several parts of Andhra Pradesh as we saw in the case of an elaborate Church complex built at Edlapadu Hill which once had Devi Sita’s footprints and a Narasimha Swami temple.

Andhra Pradesh under Jaganmohan Reddy is soon turning out to be like the rule of Catholic Christian Portuguese of Goa, which broke countless temples, tortured many Hindus, seized their lands and property to coerce them to convert to Christianity.

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