In Prayagraj, 26 people going with Tazia got electrocuted. On receiving the information, the police reached the spot and admitted all the injured to Manda CHC. At present, the condition of all the injured is out of danger. The case is of village Kanevra village of Manda area.

On Tuesday, the 10th day of Muharram, the mourning procession by taking out Tazia was being carried on and suddenly tazia collided with a 33 thousand volts high tension line that was hanging down. The incident happened while the procession was going through a village in Prayagraj.

The weeders tried separating it with the help of bamboo. There was current in the wire. Due to this 26 people got caught in it.
Local people took all the injured persons to a private hospital. There he received first aid. Local people informed the police. After this, CO Amita Singh and SHO Arun Kumar reached the spot. All the injured were admitted to Manda CHC.

On information, Prayagraj DM Sanjay Kumar Khatri, SSP Shailesh Kumar Pandey also reached Manda Hospital. Meja MLA Sandeep Patel said that the incident is unfortunate and the victims will be taken care of.

CO Amita Singh said that 26 people were injured due to electrocution while taking out Tazia. They have been admitted to Mand CHC. No serious injury is reported.

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