In the wake of the latest #loveJihad case of the Sikh girl in Muslim , we saw how all Muslims defend the marriage and cried against the forced recovery of the SIkh Girl and her hurried marriage to a Sikh Man .

Then came the shedding of hypocrisy . An ex #indianExpress Journalist tweeted the above details as to how she will never date or marry outside her community as her Holy Book prohibits it.

Then came the onslaught from the even more woko haraams , as they had to tweet and stand up lest lose their tag and funding . She was attacked by all and defended her tweet .

More defence came from fellow Jamatan , plus size fashion blogger Ms. Ameena . ( ) , who supported Ms. Akbar.

Welcome to Fashionopolis

She states that she will not marry a non muslim owing to her faith.

So miss plus size fashionista , why be a fashion blogger , post pics without Hijab , showing arms, legs to non mehraam men , which are also forbidden as per Islam ?

May be an image of 2 people
May be an image of 1 person and smiling


Follow Quran to the hilt . If Taliban (literally meaning those who follow Quran) would beat you till your legs bled if they saw you uncovered legs.

In sharia countries women are beaten for not wearing Hijab . Not dressing as per Quran dress code for women . Women and men can’t work together . No dancing etc.

Iran's morality police assault a woman for not wearing her hijab properly

Here you are in a democratic country , free to do whetever you want . Show you plus size body to ALL . But yeah follow Quran conditionally , only when you want to play victim .

Have you evber spoken about women forced to wear Hijab , caned for premarital sex in Sharia countries ?

Indonesia woman Nur Elita caned in public for breaking Sharia Law in Aceh  province - TomoNews - YouTube

But yesh let’s talk how opressed Muslim women are in India because people call out your double speak and hypocricy .SHAME.

All I saw in both your handles was Anti Hindu venom. As expected.

These so called progressive Muslim women are the ones who cry hoarse over need for Love Jihad bill and will deby such cases exist . Will cry victimhood when an illegally constructed mosque is removed . WHAT HYPOCRITES. SHAME .

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