When we talk of rights of women, I see that our Constitution has definitely bestowed them with many. But still there are subjects which remained untouched or not taken seriously by Baba Saheb Ambedkar.

Must be Baba Saheb busy in studying the constitution of other countries because he had monstrous task of drafting the Indian Constitution. But thousands of years ago there was a man, probably known as the first human according to Hindu ideology, the great saint Manu who had plenty of time thinking about the small issues in human life, finding out their solutions and compiling them in a book.

He made rules relating to small small aspects of life, let’s discuss some –

Whenever we say to start anything, we always boast of ladies first, but never think from where there this concept has been originated, now here is its origination.

Now these are the shlokas of Manu Smriti which clearly mentions that while travelling, eating etc. we should follow the concept of ladies first.

Now lets move towards the worst crime with women, yes, I am talking about rapes and kidnapping cases. The news which are mushrooming these days. Let’s see what Manu Smriti says about these subjects-

According to Manu Smriti, if a person steals or kidnaps’ women, he should be killed by the king for this offence. And we see, we have the great example of Ramayana everyone knows what happened to Ravana. Now see what is the punishment of rape.

Manu Smriti says that the offender must be burnt to death and moreover this punishment should be exercised by the king as soon as possible. If king is busy that in case the punishment could be exercised by any authorized person of the society.

According to Garun Puran, the book of punishments of Hindu ideology the rapist should be thrown to vicious snakes’, they should be crushed by animals.

We see that in ancient Bharat, when these punishments were in implementation, people rarely heard of even single rape case. The framers of the Constitution can’t even think of these punishments but I am sure even if the two persons got these punishments, there would be reduction of 50% in this crime. Maybe the framers of the Constitution dreamt of utopian India where such types of crimes rarely exist or maybe he dreamt of western India where people don’t bother much about sex before marriage.

I only wish had the framers of the Constitution taken the respect of females seriously and instead of studying the Constitution of other countries, read some of the ancient Indian books then they would have given some better punishments for the worst crimes.

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