As we have seen Russia being demonized as the villain in the whole Ukarine/Russia war as being the aggressor , perpetrator of war .

The whole world is cursing Russia and standing by Ukraine .

But the actual villain , USA is the biggest winner.

Vice President of the United States Joe Biden, left, shakes hands with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in Moscow, Russia, Thursday, March 10, 2011. The talks in Moscow are expected to focus on missile defense cooperation and Russia’s efforts to join the World Trade Organization. (AP Photo/Alexander Zemlianichenko)

The Russia /USSR – USA enmity is legendary, with USA being successful in destroying USSR and taking away most of RUssia’s power , installing Boris Yeltsin ,a US agent at helm .  Russia was destroyed , poor , to a point of no return. SUCCESSFUL ? Well almost till Vladimir Putin took over . A trained KGB agent .

He had other plans. USA smelled the upcoming rise of Russia so decided to bait them into a war by expanding NATO , installing bio labs in Ukraine . The plan worked . Russia attacked.

That is exactly what USA wanted , Russia to be drawn into a long war.

While USA, Europe did they lip service by providing arms, drones, weapons as a facade to helping Ukraine , they ar einfact bleeding Russia dry. Wars cost money , arms , tanks , missiles .The longer the war , the more Russia has to spend . Russia has been put on sanctions (which was expected and countered with whole of Europe and USA made dependent on Russian Gas in the last decade ).

Yes Russia has spent A LOT in the war , money , humans, arms , weapons, missiles, tanks . While Russia may be winning the Ukraine war, they have lost its power to ever have another war . They have taken a HUGE financial hit. Their weapons, tanks, missiles are being depleted at a VERY fast rate .  The more they supply weapons to Ukraine , the longer the war goes on for and makes Russia poorer.

Why Gen. Milley's Ukraine War Prediction Missed by a Mile | The Heritage  Foundation

Zelensky becomes a Hero , Putin the villain

All this , while USA sits FAR FAR AWAY , safe , not really hit VERY HARD . yes rising gas prices , some supply chain issue , but that all will be fine in a few months. It’s the people paying the price not the government.

This is WHAT USA wanted . A Destroyed Russia , bent on it’s knees, weapons depleted ,not in a position to EVERY fight another war and Global anger and hatred for Russia. TARGET ACHIEVED .






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