Yet another day , and the in your face anti BJP agenda of fake feminist site #shethepeople is out in the open (ike everyday ) .

The wrote an article about how a 2 year old girl helped her mother who had fainted in UP.

Strange they have NEVER written an article or highlighted incidents of the gross sexual violence faced by women in West Bengal after the polls.

Multiple cases of women being raped , molested , beaten by TMC goons , many of whom gave evidence to court , but so called feminist org shethepeople wrote no articles about it ?

TMC goons engage in arson, attack BJP workers after party's victory in WB

The Hon. courts have ordered to register all FIr and investigate. Why no concern for women of West bengal who voted for BJP ? So much for feminism Shaili Chopra ?

If you fight for any cause then it should be bipartisan, unbigoted , neutral . religion , catse , creed, sexual orientation, class, or even political alignment should not matter . Right . Why this lack of concern for Women of west Bengal who supported BJP ? Their rapes don’t matter or concern you ? If so then you are a neither a feminist or a person with ethics, morals or righteousness, you are a rabid Modi , BJP , Hindu hater with an agenda who is using this trojan horse of so-called (fake) feminist site to propel your hatred and bias and stir up anti hindu , anti BJP mindset .

TMC politician assaults women with sticks: Here is what had happened

Yes Miss Shaili Chopra no one is buying your con anymore. Your blatant HYPOCRICY and anti hindu , anti BJP trope is so out in the open that it is a running joke now.


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