That every event in the universe is prewritten & predestined remains to be the core principle of Hindu scriptures.

The stars foretell the steep fall of China – the country, that once ruled the world as one of the superpowers has now been reduced to a nation which disowns its own people and the sages that made it what it was in first place. They had their share of power and have been the favorites with regards to international market for just about everything. China’s growing political clout and leadership in the economic sectors had given the country a coveted standing in the International community.

Alas, all good things have to come to a halt! Unless a civilization is rooted in Dharma & ecological compatibility, it cannot survive permanently. Communism & Capitalism may fetch short-term gains though they can never be the ladders to true success and genuine power in the long run.

The world is witnessing how the Chinese Virus saga brutally exposed the authoritarian and secretive CCP regime operating in China. It was not the Chinese people that tried to cover up the initial phases of the pandemic when they first became aware of it; this was a perverted need of the Communist regime to display a layer of cohesiveness and solidity to make every single social issue look like a conspiracy to overthrow the government or embarrassing those at the top of it.

No matter how much we hold our governments responsible for having failed in curbing the pandemic, fact remains that this pandemic and its effects on the world were predestined and were bound to happen!

In the words of Abhigya, a child prodigy, there was danger lurking over not just India but the entire world after the solar eclipse of December, 2019. He had predicted these events in June 2019. The predictions were so shockingly accurate that we are not left with any choice but to believe in the power of the science of Jyotia (Astrology)

Recently, astrologer PVR Narasimha Rao, also made some predictions about world affairs from 2020-2030.

Here are the top 5 predictions on the current world affairs:

1. The year 2020 is about some positive beginnings and some disastrous ends. Nature will claim its territories sooner than later; it will especially overtake countries that practice unsustainable way of living and are overly-populated. Should we continue with the current methods of treating the Earth, our planet might not sustain beyond 2050, so the planets’ positions indicate that Mother Nature will have to intervene and pave a better way!

2. China will get belligerent and will get into war with several countries. The ray of hope is that with the strength of the Dharmic planet Saturn, the 2019-2034 period would see the subduing of the venom and fury of Communist China. Its fate will be that of the erstwhile USSR. Tibet will emerge out as an independent country.

3. The current upheaval in planetary positions indicates that consumerism will be brought down and a heavy cleanse and intense healing of the environment is on the cards. The Virus is not the result of some demon’s evil powers; it’s Mother Nature doing what needs to be done until the right amount of balance is restored.

4. Kaliyuga- The period of darkness, wrongdoings and moral collapse. 2020 will show it all to us, one after-the-other. We are entering into a brief golden period of Kaliyuga. The process of re-establishing dharma almost always begins with a period of darkness, hopelessness and suffering. India will lead the world in re-establishing the Dharmic way of life- where every life is honored, nature is worshipped and the blossoming of human values is encouraged. It will preach that the economic prosperity cannot happen at the cost of destroying nature and wellness principles.

5. The Age of Aquarius circa 2025 will usher in a powerful surge in spirituality! Introspection, Self-awareness, Compassion, Collaboration, Peace, a Win-Win way of doing business will slowly regain its importance while disruption and toxic politics will cease to be at the core of everything. People will find solace in the words & teachings of seers, Gurus, saints and will revive ancient wisdom traditions. The next millennium is about Bharat regaining its former glory, splendor, magic, prosperity, divinity and magnanimity! #MagnificentBharat

Conclusion: A Spell for Protection

According to Hindu scriptures, the purpose of life is to evolve, transcend into a higher plane of existence-much beyond the body consciousness and REALISE that we are all, ONE – The AATMAN.

During the Kali Yuga, Hindu scriptures say that the easiest and only way of ascension is by Vaak (the verbal faculty): the Japa / repetitive chanting of the names of the ultimate Bhagwaan Shri Krishna. This frees one from the energetic bondage of the material paradigm (read body, mind, memory, past life’s impressions, Vasanas or habits etc) and we very well gain expertise to navigate the Matrix and realize that this life is but a wondrous game!

Source: Srimad Bhagavatam 12.3.51

kalerdosha-nidherajann astihyekomahagunah

kirtanadevakrishnasya mukta-sangahparamvrajet

Final views: 

Reciting Mantras translates thought into reality using the sound vibrations. Each repetition is beneficial, but the cumulative effect is most beneficial. If the effects of the ongoing Kaliyuga are bringing you down, recite the Krishna mantra regularly and experience the salubrious effects.

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna,
Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare,
Hare Rama, Hare Rama,
Rama Rama, Hare Hare!

Jai Shri Krishna!

(With inputs from Ramya Rohini)

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