With 23,846,877 positive cases of the COVID -19 taking the lives of 2,959,324 people, the world is on the verge of a collapse. The global economy has collapsed. The world has seen such times earlier also whether during the 14th century in the form of Black Death, in 15th century disguised as syphilis, plague in 1889, and then followed by Ebola, SARS, and Zika which killed millions of people. But the previous virus/diseases spread naturally though those were the times when countries were fighting for becoming a super-power. No one thought of using a virus as a biological weapon to win any war. The whole world doubts China today from where the deadly virus originated. Though WHO terms it racism to raise fingers at China but with all the facts and figures in hand and connecting the dots, China’s communist party is to be blamed. 

You might have read those articles and social media posts that claim the virus to have spread from bats to humans! Chinese scientists told that it came from ant-eating pangolin just like SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) jumped to humans from civets in 2002. Then another group of scientists gave the theory of its origin from the bat in China’s Yunnan province as 96% of its genetic material matches with COVID – 19. I remember a famous quote here, “To hide a lie, a thousand lies are needed. This whole theory of transmission of the corona virus from animals to humans was fabricated so that China’s hidden plans to conquer the world are not exposed. Let’s connect the dots!

Its true that corona virus did not originate in China but it was brought to China. A 60-year old man was facing body-ache, respiratory problems etc. in Saudi Arabia in 2012. Doctors tried everything but couldn’t figure out anything. The case was consulted to virologist of Egypt – Dr. Ali Mohamed Zaki.

After doing a lot of research, he found that it was a new type of virus and named its corona. He could not find out the characteristics of it and started further discussions with his colleagues. He then took the virus out and sent it to his friend Dr. Rony Francois in the Netherlands. From Netherland, it was then sent to Canada’s National Microbiology laboratory’s scientific director Dr. Frank Plummer. Now it is said that there were some Chinese scientists working on this virus who sent it to the Wuhan’s Virology Center. From then, the Chinese started working on the Corona Virus. After US President Donald Trump alleged that China used it as a biological weapon, many countries along with WHO didn’t support the US. Rather WHO said that it is wrong to attach the strings of Corona with China but ironically WHO termed the virus that spread in Spain as Spanish flu! Why such hypocrisy is being shown by WHO?

On 31st December, 2019, Taiwan informed WHO that this virus is spreading by human-to-human contact while WHO on 14th January, 2020 said that this fact is fake. On January 3, 2020, Dr. Li Wenliang came out as a whistleblower and warned the China government about its aftermath. The communist government immediately sent police to his house and the same evening, Dr. Li said that he was lying and surprisingly he died after some days. China informed WHO that this virus doesn’t spread human-to-human while there are tons of reports that prove that it does.  A Chinese agent exposed president Xi Jinping over the outbreak. China was trying to stop the agitation of Hong Kong against the people Republic of China. China designed a Biological Warfare program to punish Democracy supporter of Hong Kong. 

The Chinese government claims that 3305 died because of Corona virus but there is another sim-card theory as well. Within the last three months, approximately 21 million sim cards have gone missing along with 800,000 landlines have been closed. China Mobile limited monthly report claimed that it suffered a decline of 80 lakh users, China-Hong Kong Unicorn Limited suffered 78 lakh users and China Telecom Corporation had a decline of 56 lakh users. Were these the sim-cards of those who died due to the virus? Now, surprisingly China has opened the lockdown in Wuhan and other places, factories are working and everything is back to normal! Rather China is supplying the medical equipment like masks, testing kits, suits to France, Italy, Germany etc. And now the experts say that China has already developed the vaccine but is waiting for the right time for all the major economies to collapse so that it can sell the vaccine at higher prices. So, in this way, China will capture the whole world and become the biggest economy. 

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