The Indian Air Force should be ready to act on any immediate decree.

-Defense Minister of India, Rajnath Singh said this while addressing Indian Air Forces.



Not a single of our high level meetings with China has been successful on the national, border and defense issue.


Today every global political scholar of the world is seeing the danger of third world war, seeing the deteriorating relationship between America and China.A global embassy rule applies everywhere at all times.According to this rule, no matter how bad any country may be from any country, it cannot stop the embassy of the front country in their country.Even if your war is going on with me, but you cannot do anything from my embassy in your country.The ambassador sitting in that embassy will live his life as he would in his country, and his responsibility of security is of that country only where he is living..But perhaps for the first time, the US has issued a decree of any country, emptying the Chinese embassy and returning to China within three days.Today South China Sea may have become the battlefield of third world war..America has always been irritated and angry with North Korea and China. Today China has given its full support to the dictator of North Korea Kim Jong Un.America’s hate with Iran is not hidden from anyone.When the US bombed the army chief called Iran’s superstar General. Qaesem Solouimani. And due to lack of strength, Iran was drinking its anger at that time but could not do anything.

Today China is using Iran like Pakistan to burn and fight America.It is a matter of a hundred things that if war is fought today, besides Iran and Pakistan, America and all the great powers of the world will be seen together.With this epidemic of China, the policy of expansionism of China has started to get angry and angry to the whole world.

And India. What about India

Apart from India, there is no power in any neighboring country of China which can face China.And it is a matter of fun that today China is also having an open struggle with India. That means , On the state of war, all the powers of the world will fight with China which will be fought in South China Sea.But no war can be decided only by sea.Today India is the only one who can fight with China on the ground instead of uniting the powers of the entire world. Which clearly means that any missile will go from anywhere to anywhere, it will definitely pass through India once.Which means everything changes at such a time.Relationships, enemies, status, strength, friends, everything changes.So do not think which India’s friend country is going against India today.This is the time for change, today India can join the strong countries by losing weak neighbor friend countries.Which can be good for the future and even worse.But the change became the law of nature. This will only happen once in a while, we have no control over it, we can expect good but we should prepare for worse also. Till then Har Har Mahadev.

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