A promiment Catholic minority college in India conducts value education classes.

No problem with it.

But when one takes a look at its syllabus, one finds topics such as “Realities of casteism and communalism” included.

Despite the promise of Free Speech and Freedom of Expression granted to everyone, I have no problem in them discussing such topics. But, one must question their locus standi.

It is the same college that invites a leftist lawyer to speak on CAA and NRC and effectively concluded that it is “bad”.

It is the same college that invites rappers from “Casteless Organisations” to rap against CAA and NRC.

Again, no problem. I respect your right to dissent because I am not a Nazi.

But, who are the beneficiaries of CAA and NRC? Why, its the Dalit community!

The Prime Minister on several occasions has made it clear that those to whom CAA applies hail from the Dalit community. In fact, Prakash Karat of the CPI in 2012 sent a letter to the erstwhile Prime Minister, Shri Manmohan Singh, noting the condition of the Hindu minority in Bangladesh and has also specified their castes namely, namshudras, majhi, pondra khatriya etc.

The wokes are blind to the atrocities faced by members of Indic communities in the neighbouring countries of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. The tweets of Rahat Austin reveal the absolute pitiable and pathetic state of minorities in Pakistan. Constant reports of religious persecution of Hindus and Hindu places of worship in Bangladesh are available online if one wishes to access it.

The true champion of the Dalit community, the very much misappropriated, Babasaheb Ambedkar does have very good opinion of Christianity as pointed out in his essays, but in the essay titled, ‘Condition of the Convert’, he notes that the casteism has seeped into Christianity too and that Christianity has worsened the condition for the Dalit instead of improving it.

One might argue that, its the fault of Hinduism to be casteist and that this stigma could not have been erased by the efforts of the pastor too.

Well, the pastor has promised to uplift the Dalit from economic poverty and social ostracization and then (fraudulently) converted the Dalit. Why make a promise if you have no intention to upkeep it? If Christianity practices casteism in India, then it does a gross error of not promoting egalitarianism as its philosophy says. Then the Dalit can do a ‘Ghar Wapsi’. Why is that frowned upon? Why are sadhus like in Palghar, Meerut, Odisha, Vrindavan, Swami Shraddhanad, activists like Ramalingam lynched and killed for opposing conversion? Lovingly lynched?

When one has no locus standi, nor any moral locus in order to pontificate on Hindus’ negativity, how they can be allowed to spew Marxist b*llshit in the name of “value education” into the minds of impressionable students who fear to speak out due to “secularism”?

The college being autonomous, decides its own syllabus and is answerable to none, not even to students who question the legitimacy of its claims. It is no secret that the left today has formulated a dogma or sorts that is very similar to Nazi rigidity. This college too professes the same.

In a Hindu majority country, how is it acceptable for a Catholic institution for education to manufacture atrocity literature and teach it to students? How is it allowed to not present the alternate point of view that is Indic? Why are Indic minded students hounded or silenced? How does this syllabus not come under the purview of the Ministry of Education and raise antennae? How is a community that practices the same evils of another community allowed to pontificate on those evils? Isn’t this textbook hypocrisy?

Why are the crimes of the Catholic Church not discussed in Catholic colleges? Well, if they don’t wish to talk about something that happened in Europe, why do they not talk about the fraudulent conversions committed by the Church? Why does it not talk about the lynchings of sadhus? Why does it not talk about how the Church has altered the demographic identity of a place? Why doesn’t it talk about the plantings of crosses in Hindu places of pilgrimage?

When they are unwilling to speak on their faults, what right do they have to talk on casteism with respect to Hinduism, while conveniently ignoring the words of Babasaheb Ambedkar?

As Hindus, why are we not questioning this freedom given to such educational institutions to generate anti-Hindu sentiments in its children?

Which is why, the Hindu temples must be freed so that we can have some sort of Truth and Reconciliation within the Hindu community with respect to caste and casteism and set our house in order without the interference of the state that preaches to create a casteless society but engages in caste based arithmetic during elections?

How many more JNUs, Jadavpurs, AMUs, JMUs does the Hindu majority wish to create? How much should the Hindus take in name of secularism?

It is in fact utterly disgraceful to note that in the country India that is Bharat, whose citizens are Bharatiyas or those in search of knowledge, to let Abrahamic faiths to dictate the students on half-assed, shoddy, Marxist, secular atrocity literature as knowledge and truth.

The Hindu must awaken and rewrite his history.

As the African Proverb says, “Unless the lions have their own storytellers, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter”.

To those Hindus who feel that Sanatana Dharma will last forever, please look at how your geographical identity has shrunk massively and lost out to Abrahamic faiths on Indic land. The Hindu of the past kept working to reclaim civlisational identity- be it a Rani Lakshmibai, a Chhtrapathi Shivaji or a Raja Suheldev. Today’s Hindu engages in armchair activism and Twitter outrage.

The Hindu civilisation is under threat even after “Hindu” dispensation.

The Hindu must decide whether the civilisation is more important than a dispensation in this context of education.

As for me, until my dying breath, I shall invoke the blessings of Shri Ramachandra and blaze on against the army of evil-doers, it is upto the community to decide if it will take part in battle, or twiddle its thumbs and partake in another’s victory or demonise another for their shortcomings.

P.S: Dear Soul Harvesters who wish to “uplift” the Dalit bretheren, DALITS ARE HINDUS. They belong to the Hindu faith and are possibly more Hindu than any savarna. The Hindu society has been unjust to them and it is only the Hindu society that will repent for it. We believe in karma and we will right all wrongs meted out on our own. Babasaheb notes that Hinduism is capable of assimilation and repentance, but not of the “untouchable”. But, this is the age of Hindutva propounded by Veer Savarkar. In Hindutva, we see no casteism and respect the “untouchable” for their Indic traits and history. We are capable of repentance. You needn’t use this as an excuse to harvest the souls of our dear brothers. This is our karma, we don’t need you to lighten our burden because we see it as praayschit and you, as an opportunity. Leave us alone.

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