After a long struggle, finally the construction of Ram Mandir has started .The struggle took more than 500 years and the lives of thousands. Lets recall the contribution of two most important persons .

K K Mohammad

The Padma shree award winner, the honorable archaeologist K K Mohammad ‘s contribution can not be forgotten in the construction of Ram Mandir. Despite being a Muslim, Mohammad candidly gave hundreds of proofs of existence of Ram Mandir, as you have seen in my previous article.

He also tried to persuade Muslims of the importance of Ram Mandir for Hindus . In one of his interviews ,he says that the place did not associate with Prompet Mohammad, neither to his Caliphs nor even to Auliayas, whereas the place holds great importance for Hindus, Muslims should candidly give the place to Hindus and make their relations healthy. He was several times criticized and got threats by his own community members but never complaint a single thing . In an another interview when he was asked of threats ,he smiled and replied them as a part of his work .

Such a great personality with so simplicity, are rarely born and they give the true picture of secular India .


In 2002 ,when Prayagraj high court ordered the hearing of Ram Mandir, the Padma Vibhushan award winner Acharya Rambhadra charya addressing himself as a gurdian of Ram Lala, pleaded his part in court .Seeing his efficiency even the judge became shocked and said that today a blind man showed light to the lighted ones. Bhadracharyas’s evidences initiated from the oldest text Atharveda the to Tulsidhohashatak.

Atharveda’s tenth kanda, third anuvada mentions that having Eight chakra and Nine dwaras ,the city of Ayodhaya where stands the golden temple of King Dasharat, where Ram, the incarnated one came from the holy heaven.

Ramcharitmanas’s, Uttarkand’s, 4 doha clearly states that river Sarayu flows to the north of janambhoomi .

According to Scandhapuran, at the distance of 300 Danush in the north direction from Sarayu river there stands Lord Ram ‘s temple, where Danush is a unit of measurment (one Danush is equal to 4 hands).

Apart from all these, Tulsidohashatak, written by Mahakavi Tulsidas reveals something extremely shocking . Approximately 50 dohas clearly states that on 6 June 1528, Babar’s commander Mir Baki destructed the temple killing approximate 75000 Hindus and mocking their religious sentiments , he created a Masjid over there.

Shockingly, all these evidences were given by a blind old man and even these were only the few ones , he had a long list of them .Being so literate Bhadracharya considers himself as a grace seeker of disabled ones .Hindus feel themselves save under the custody of such great saints .

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