Imagine an Indian prime minister sitting in South Block calling Pakistan’s president and sharing India’s intelligence network in Pakistan with him. It happened in 1978, and the main character was the then-prime minister Gandhian Morarji Desai.

Morarji Desai who became a Prime Minister after several failed attempts in 1977 betrayed RAW and helped Pakistan become a nuclear country.

Because Pakistan was desperately trying to develop nuclear weapons at the time, the geopolitical situation was extremely volatile.

Interestingly, our RAW officers (who were working as spies in various parts of Pakistan) had already discovered details about how and where their nuclear weapon was developed.

According to protocol, RAW approached then-PM Desai to request funds for a covert operation in which they could bribe some of Pakistan’s officials in exchange for the complete blueprint of their nuclear project, which could then be used to our advantage.

To the surprise of RAW officials, Morarji Desai rebuked them for “poking their noses unnecessarily into other countries” and ordered them to follow Gandhi’s ideology of neighbourly peace.

The next day, Desai, like any Gandhian, called Pakistan’s President and, under the guise of “honesty is the best policy,” revealed all the information he had received from RAW, as well as information about Bharat’s spy network.

Pakistan’s President thanked Morarji profusely for the tip-off before embarking on one of the largest intelligence operations in history.

Over the next few months, the Pakistan Army tracked down and tortured to death every RAW officer (who worked as spies).

Morarji Desai, in his obsession with Gandhian ideologies, betrayed the entire nation by sacrificing RAW’s entire spy network, thereby weakening our national security and leading to the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits within a decade.

Finally, Pakistan was so grateful to Morarji Desai that he was awarded Pakistan’s highest honour, the “Nishan-e-Pakistan,” in 1990.


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