While we try to digest the loss incurred by the COVID-19 Virus, there are new and new events that add to the mayhem encircling our nation. As I try to express my thoughts in my first article, bear with me to hear them. Do feel free to give your feedback.

The self-proclaimed farmer’s protest is still going on, spreading the virus in their due march across the regions. Even after a rape accusation on one of the protesters, the government is yet to put a halt to them. Because of such phony protests, the basic view towards backlash and dissent will change in India forever. The government however is still going by the book and debunking all the false narratives spread out by the vested individuals. However, many common and educated folks do fall for this without even knowing what the bills stand for. The government could have cleared the protests by force as it was a public nuisance causing traffic and crores of rupees lost. Unless and until when protests or any form of dissent against the government can be fully targeted without any anti-national elements in its clutch, the respect towards such protest will disappear into thin air.

With this, on one hand, the post-election horror in WB is something that the Hindu society should never forget. What happened in WB was practically an unplanned pogrom. Such helpless our society has become (I write this with a heavy heart) in our own Bharath that people are crying at the sight of Governor when he visited them. Rape, arson, lynching, unprovoked targeted violence just because they supported a political party is not something to be taken lightly in a so-called democracy. The undigestable fact is that this news did not reach across the country, as the mainstream media failed to cover. This just gives an uncanny resemblance to the exodus of Kashmiri pandits at that time.

Like most, I too was disappointed with the response from the center towards the whole event. Online Dharnas, softcore protests, other forms of Gandhigiri won’t work when you positioned yourself weak since independence. Centre’s behavior towards shaheen bagh, farmers protest, cannot be accepted with respect to law and order but this time failing to deliver justice for lost lives and livelihood is simply too much. How will people vote for them if they knew that this is the price they have to pay for supporting them?

Alas, the recent congress toolkit expose just gave the ruling party to push for their extinction or rather follow due punishment in accordance with the law. But, the centre, as usual, tried to magnify the level of exposure. Adding some flavor to this, Twitter has added a “manipulated data” tag to the tweets shared by BJP politicians.

Sounds familiar, isn’t it? It’s just a small trial of what happened to former US president Donald Trump. Twitter openly accusing a democratically elected government just gives a picture of what might uncurl before 24′ elections. If the government does not act on this in a stern manner, then it is possible in future that account of leaders from the ruling party to be suspended.

It might be 7 years down the lane, but the ecosystem which we are trying to build is still on the foundation. Ideologies should not just be used for election but rather to build and shape an ecosystem. Hoping to see better days ahead. Feel free to share your comments and share if you like the article.

Jai Shree Ram

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