Sorry, I don’t eat drink or eat meat on Tuesday. When the world is celebrating Valentine’s day, Mother’s day, Father’s day, Halloween, Christmas, why we as Hindus can’t. When the world cuts and eat cake on any occasion of Celebration, Why can’t we? The whole world uses RIP, why we can’t? This is how the dilemma starts. We are missing our true identity, an identity of being a true Hindu. When we don’t have the knowledge which brings clarity, we fall into trap of all these things. They are easy to perform and follow, but doesn’t have any significance or science behind it.

Looking at current scenarios, since 2014, hindus are becoming aware of their identity now, they are also realizing how they were suppressed of their religion, how they were fooled by politicians and Bollywood industry. With this realization in place they want to be truly identified as hindus and they want to follow their traditions, maintain their culture and rituals. However, with such dilemma they cannot be pose themselves as true hindus, true to themselves and true to religion. On top of that, the so called secular leftists and other faith can raise the question of their true identity. Due to this dilemma conversion forces are working in full swing.

If hindus have been provided true knowledge there shouldn’t be any ifs and buts. Even the computers/machine have clear understanding of Yes or No. Our scriptures, our culture, our rituals and our festivals are all based on science. We are the only civilization survived, in the history of mankind, for so many years and the reason is because it is aligned with nature and humanity and its needs. Hinduism, which means a way of living, brings the scriptures that are manual for healthy, happy and peaceful living, they are flexible framework and thus are eternal. They are written by Rishis, aka scientists, who carefully wrote them through rigorous experiments and experiences.

Our great Rishis have figured out the true nature of a human being, and whatever we do in this world is to achieve that. Our true nature is peace and happiness. We try to achieve this through any means knowingly or unknowingly as we are not aware of it. If we become aware of that, than we will start reasoning the motive behind any action or activities we are doing. There is lots of science behind all the activities associated with any act, or rituals we perform, apart from our cultural heritage. It includes body chemistry which in turn affects our physical body, biology, psychology etc along with astrological science, and different forms of energy like light waves, sound waves etc with the tuning of body function which is beyond the scope of modern science to find out at tandem.

Since, there is a lot to write and don’t want to make this too long, which I will keep doing with the best of my ability. The main point of this article is to bring awareness to the blunders we are making in adapting western habits, which are poor in understanding the science of human behavior as well as poor in taste. It divides, it brings anger, depression. The western rituals are good for them due to their working habits and conditions, as well as their social structure which again is poor. In next one I will talk about the awareness about temples, gurus, priests/pandits and walk the talk.

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