A 40-year old woman resident of Kannur, Kerala was shockingly abducted, brutally gangraped and barbarically tortured by inserting beer bottles in her private parts by a gang of men when she was enroute to the famous ancient Murugan Temple in Palani, Tamil Nadu on June 19th.

The couple were reportedly staying at a lodge in the Palani area of Dindigul district. According to the victim, when her husband stepped out to buy food, she was forcibly abducted and gangraped by an unidentified gang including the manager of the lodge. The woman also alleged she was tortured by inserting beer bottles in her private parts. When the woman’s husband reportedly returned to the lodge, he was allegedly beaten up by the accused as reported by the IANS.

When the tormented woman and her husband went to file a complaint at the Palani Adivaram police station in Tamil Nadu the local officials allegedly refused to register an FIR. Frustrated by the police’s careless non-serious behaviour, the couple returned to Kerala, where the family hailing from Tamil Nadu was employed and resided.

The victim then approached the local police in Kannur, they too did not take any action. She then submitted a petition to the Kerala Director General of Police, Anil Kant who took up the matter with his Tamil Nadu counterpart. Following which, the Dindigul Superintendent of Police, Ravali Priya reportedly told that strict action will be initiated against Palani Adivaram police officials if they are found guilty of not lodging the victim’s complaint as claimed.

A case has now been registered after nearly three weeks of the incident under sections 376D, 365 of the IPC. The case has also been transferred from the Adivaram police station to the All women Police station and investigations have been ordered under a woman officer. The victim woman is now reportedly under treatment at the Government Medical College hospital in Pariyaram in Kerala.

The Hindu Tries To Be A Mouthpiece For TN Police Under DMK Govt

Funnily enough, while reporting the incident, The Hindu newspaper instead of questioning the negligence and gross dereliction of duty of the Tamil Nadu police and government, it tries to find excuses for not registration of the complaint of rape by peddling stories spun by TN police. The Hindu in its report says, “When contacted by The Hindu, police officers in Palani said CCTV footage showed that the couple had checked into the lodge on June 19. The police said the man, in an inebriated condition, had complained to the police about his missing wallet and mobile phone on June 22. On June 25, he went to Kerala and complained that the woman was raped.”

The Hindu which normally disbelieves the police’s version, in report of crimes in BJP ruled states and during the AIADMK regime, very happily now peddles the version of the TN police under DMK government. The Hindu report also tries to create an impression that the complaints of brutal gangrape and abduction in Palani as false allegations by acting like a mouth piece of the TN Police.

All other publications which had reported the Palani gangrape case, like the Indian Express, Times Now, News Minute etc. did not publish the purported statement given by the Palani Police except The Hindu which in an indirect manner tries to muzzle the alleged victim of gangrape and unspeakable torture.

Had the victim been a Dalit or a Muslim and had the incident happened in BJP ruled state the same newspaper would have whipped up a campaign saying ‘Dalits or Muslims’ are targeted and unsafe due to rise of ‘Hindutva’. The Hindu newspaper has become an anti-Hindu paper and now runs stories with anti-India, pro-secessionists agenda in complete contradiction to its founders principles and its own archive publications during the pre-independence period and initial years after independence. The newspaper has transformed to a cess pool under the influence of anti-Hindu N.Ram.

The mainstream media in Tamil Nadu and across India has refrained from questioning the Stalin government on firstly failing to provide safe environment for women pilgrims; secondly refusing to lodge timely complaint and investigate the dreadful gangrape in the Palani case. Notably, PMK leader Dr Ramadoss took to social media saying Tamil Nadu should hang its head in shame for not being able to provide protection to women at places of pilgrimage.

News input: Indian Express, Times Now, The News Minute, The Hindu

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