Though, the leftist communist intellectuals, historians and scholars have tried hard enough to wipe out certain extremely violent incidents of history from our conscience, because their occurrence was attributed to one certain community because of their violent tendency. And these leftist historians, in their liberal hysteria, due to the obsession and favoritism for that particular community, tried hard enough to curtail and twist the history. They have even succeeded to a very large extent and we are still reading false caravan of propaganda in our textbooks, But with the prevailing awareness among the Hindu youth, the truth buried deep have started to unveil itself slowly. One of such forgotten incidents is the Noakhali Anti-Hindu riots.  

M.A. Jinnah had pivotal role to play in the whole occurrence. Same Jinnah, who’s such an ideal for many subverts of our nation, surviving in Public universities, preaching “Jinnah wali Azaadi” to instigate muslims against the state machinery. When the congress accepted Cabinet mission plan, Jinnah was totally against it as the demand of muslim league to carry out partition of the nation on religious grounds between Hindus and muslims was rejected by the plan. In order to oppose the cabinet mission plan, to portray the resistance of muslim league against it and to rise the demand again for a separate muslim state in form of protests, Jinnah had called out for the ‘Direct Action Day’ also known as ‘The great Calcutta killings’ on 16th of August 1946. He had openly urged muslims that if they want war, we won’t hesitate in declaring one. Jinnah was obstinate much to either have a divided India or a destroyed India.

Congress had pleaded many meetings and talks to convince the muslim league but their stand was aggressive beyond any control. It appeared like they have decided not to agree upon anything less than a separate Islamic nation, even if costs lakhs of lives. A quite violent bloodshed was waiting ahead after few years to hot the nation and leave behind a dark wound forever.

On the morning of 16th August 1947, It was reported through the police headquarters that shops of the entire region, including that of the busiest streets of Lalbazar were forced to shut down. After the daily prayer and offering namaz, muslim men attended the meeting to which they had rallied together. Around 100,000 muslim men carrying arson and lathis reached the assembly. Main speakers were khwaja nazimuddin and Suhrawardy who disguised the gathering as peaceful one, instigated the muslims sowing seeds of hatred against Hindus or kafirs in their heads and called out for a final battle. The infuriated crowd soon hit the street.

Soon reports of short lived skirmishes and scuffles were transformed into news of community bloodshed and mass killings of Hindus by these muslim mobs. They started to butcher Hindus openly, looted their property and belongings, mutilate their dead bodies. They Did not spare Hindu women at all. Like always they were the prime target of this blood thirsty crowd. They were raped repeatedly, one after the other man or sometimes by a group. Their organs were torn open; they were made to roam naked across streets. Houses of Hindus, after robbing them, were set ablaze.  Naked dead bodies of women who were raped were thrown away like littering pieces. Heinous instances of violence were recorded against children as well.  

When all these hate crimes against Hindus were taking place, Mahatma Gandhi was busy preaching brotherhood, secularism and lessons of Ahimsa to the rest of the nation. Having a much hypocritical attitude, Gandhi, Gandhi always was seen to ‘urge’ and expected Hindus to follow his principles of harmony. Meanwhile he just used to request the same with muslim community, that too in an apologetic tone, who was the prime flag bearers of violence in the country. As a result, Hindus were dying by the hands of those, the perceived as their brethren and desired tranquility.

After the riots extinguished, Gandhi had organized a peace parade to Noakhali with his disciples. He started for Noakhali on 6th November and reached Chaumuhani the next day. After spending three days and two nights at the abode of Jogendra Majumdar, He set again for Noakhali, barefoot this time. Over reaching there he took shelter in a half burnt house at srirampur village and stayed there till 1st January. He used to meet local muslim leaders to take them in confidence as after series of communal violence in the nation for the demand of creation of Pakistan by muslims had left leaders in sheer fear. Plight of Hindus who died and suffered was completely neglected, maybe because they weren’t as aggressive and violent as muslims, because it was contrary to their peaceful nature.  Gandhi’s soft approach towards muslims left Hindus in a burning irk. As a result people stopped attending his peace rallies and prayer meetings.

Gandhi later on tried to win back support of the anguished Hindu community, stating a very absurd and foolish philosophy. He was still blind in his non violence philosophy after getting hundreds of Hindus killed. He asked Hindus that even if their muslim brothers want to kill them, they must accept that quietly and happily without any resistance. As it is necessary maintain communal peace and harmony. However, no such advice for not leashing violence over Hindus as they co-exist with other community was given by Gandhi to muslims. This conveyed his deep buried hypocrisy or even fear of Islamic radicalism. Later on, when the little killings did not stop, Gandhi made blowing remark which shook Hindu community to the core. He advised Hindus to either leave Noakhali or die.

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