Although BJP and its alliance did not win the elections in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu, it felled two huge larger than life leaders considered to be poster boy and girl of liberalism and secularism- Kamal Haasan and Mamata Banerjee.

Kamal Haasan, the Tamil cine superstar was defeated by Vanathi Srinivasan BJP’s National Womens Wing President and candidate from South Coimbatore seat. In a State where the polity loves its cine actors and showers its love in their political ventures, be it MGR, Jayalalithaa or even the Tamil cinema dialogue writer, Karunanidhi, the public has rejected Kamal Haasan’s style of secularism and promise of non-corrupt government.

The people of Tamil Nadu could see through Kamal Haasan’s hollow secular credentials as his alliance with the evangelists and open alliance with the Islamist SDPI (political wing of the PFI) which exposed his hatred for Hinduism and Hindu culture. Vanathi’s victory in Coimbatore is a great shot in the arm for not only the BJP but also for Hindu organisations battling the growing influence of Islamist PFI in Coimbatore. Just two years back, PMK’s member Ramalingam was brutally hacked to death by PFI terrorists as he resisted their bid to illegally convert poor Dalit Hindus to Islam.

Similarly, in West Bengal, the larger than life Mamata Banerjee and only messiah of the psuedo-liberals, as their preferred Queen Sonia Gandhi with her children Rahul & Priyanka have proved to be miserable failures at the hustings, has been felled at Nandigram by BJP’s Suvendhu Adhikari by over 1,956 votes.

Mamata Banerjee even tried to recite the Chandi Paath to woo the voters in last minute as she feared that she was being perceived as an anti-Hindu leader. Till the Nandigram campaign, she could be only seen doing Namaaz and mouthing ‘Allah hu Akbar’ slogans.

She even tried to blame the people of Nandigram of attacking her and fracturing her leg, which was rejected angrily by Nandigram residents who claimed that she had sprained her leg in an accident of her own doing.

So, while she went around with a bandaged leg campaigning all around West Bengal the people of Nandigram rejected her candidature. Her fractured leg has miraculously healed now as she can now be seen walking very sprightly during the counting of votes and thereafter.

The pseudo-secular fibral gang would not have spared Modi had he ever lost his personal election and BJP had won resoundingly in national elections and called it a mandate rejecting Modi as the Prime Minister. The same lobby is now hailing Mamata as doyen of liberalism and secularism who has saved West Bengal from ‘communal forces’. While the secular mafia rejoices TMC’s victory in Bengal, scores of BJP workers and innocent people in villages are being attacked by hurling bombs at their homes, burning their shops and killing them as a lesson for opposing the TMC and not voting in their favour.

The central government headed by Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah should protect BJP’s cadre, leaders and voters from being brutally killed and decimated by the TMC terrorists and goondas. As the larger electorate is watching the BJP leadership and getting disillusioned with the BJP leadership for its failure to protect its own people from murderous political adversaries. The general feeling in Bengal and beyond is, if the BJP leadership cannot come in aid of its own workers and sympathisers, how will it save the larger public from Islamist jihad?

Th BJP needs to pull up its socks and unabashedly pursue Hindutva identity politics and address the legitimate demands of its core voters rather than pursue the same minority scholarship and minority appeasement policy programs pursued by the Congress.

Though defeating characters like Kamal Haasan and Mamata Benerjee in their personal election battles is a positive outcome which will enthuse the cadres, the central leadership should show more commitment to win the ‘Vishwas’ of it committed core followers before it seeks to win ‘Sabka Vishwas’. Seeking ‘Sabka Vishwas’ is a Harakiri wanting certificates of approval from Islamists, evangelists and communists masquerading as liberals with an aim to decimate Hindus.

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