Since the advent of western philosophy from Pre Socratic to modern day Mark Tully earlier existing philosophies and school of thoughts were packed into quasi-intellectual domains, anything that supported their imperialistic ideology was considered worth mentioned and that opposed was given the status of half civilized even sometimes were coined as semi barbaric as in case of Indian philosophy and this phenomenon continues even today ironically giving them a superior position owing to improper positioning voices from the apologists of other philosophies such as great Indian philosophy.  

Globally Krishna Janmashtami is being celebrated today, The Chief Minister of largest Indian state Uttar Pradesh has decided to celebrate this occasion at the birth place of Lord Krishna, followed by another historic event when president of India Shri Ram Nath Kovind performed pooja at the birth place of Lord Rama and even declaring no worth of Ajodhya without Rama.

Well, in practice followers of Lord Rama or Hindus do wear all requisites which make them appear the followers of faith but objective dissolves when it comes to their knowledge and practice of Hinduism gets demanding and real-life Hindu.

Let me not distract from the central point of this article which is to rebuke false interpretation of Indian Philosophy at the hands of Abrahamic followers, in this article I am trying to take a piece from Holy Bhagwat Geeta, ‘Battle of Kurukshetra’ popularly known as ‘Dharamyuddha’, In Feb. 2007 an article was published in popular daily of UK ‘The Guardian’ alleging that Heinrich Himmler, the number 2 of the Nazi regime, always carried a leather-bound copy of Bhagwat-Geeta with him corroborating the genocide of Zeus at the hands of Nazis of the holy scripture of Hindus and great voices of western media and their apologists like Wendy Doniger claimed that the Geeta teaches warfare or to put it in more simpler words Geeta is a book that preaches violence even few intellectual buffoons ascribe Lord Krishna as preacher of violone and to greater degree he was even called the proponent of Genocide.

Now the question arises; does Geeta really promote violence? Or can a Hindu even consider his supreme deity in such pathetic light? No, not at all. 

In this article i would try to debunk the falsely orchestrated myth by western ideologues and try to explain the esoteric aspect of Geeta which most of so called ‘jai Shri Krishna’ chanting Hindus are unaware of.

Now first of all claiming that if Nazi no. 2 Himmler was influenced by Geeta is abjectly misappropriation of facts rather he was drawing his instincts from Marcus Aurelius who was proponent of stoicism at one hand and orchestrating mass murders of Europe at other hand. And if we come to Geeta in which Lord Krishna sermons at Arjuna’s expression of doubts about the rightness of warfare, Krishna presents the doctrine of reincarnation in a format perfectly tailored to the situation of the warrior on the battlefield. He tells the wavering warrior Arjuna that both dying and killing are unimportant, certainly not matters to get conscience scruples over, because a dying body is nothing more than a coat taken out today to be replaced with another tomorrow. So don’t be afraid to die, don’t feel inhibited to kill.

Note that this is the logical hard core of the reincarnation doctrine. No notion of karmic reward or punishment is introduced here. No notion of a need to liberate oneself from the reincarnation cycle, only the fact of reincarnation is stated. It only comes with its most immediate implication, viz. that life isn’t over death, the death is only illusion, a temporary interruption rather an end to life. There is nothing particularly Nazi about it, but it may have a bias to the warrior outlook on life, as were karma ideologues Buddha and Mahavira

Gita’s setting is not one of the slaughtering innocents as in Himmler’s camp, Marely one of the facing adversarial solders on the battlefield. You may remember the efforts of Lord Krishna to avoid this war when he himself reached to King Duryodhana demanding just a piece of land equivalent to five villages which later denied and even humiliated by Lord Krishna’s cousin brother Shishupal.

When encountered with dead-lock impasse and exhausted with all possible means to avert the war. Lord Krishna returned empty handed and decided to follow the course of destiny and prepared for war. 

We Hindus are also facing that eminent situation, we are being denied rights to live on our own land, we are being abused incessantly for our faith, mocking of our customs have become a tool of pride for others and the most Heart wrenching thing is that scores of Hindus do take pride in participating those anti Hindu campaigns.

My only notion is to remain true to your faith, my only constrain is follow Hinduism byheart, mere embellishing is with ritualistic cosmetic will deracinate it one day is happening before our eyes. Just before 50 years Afghanistan had more than 30% Hindus, just before 30 years areas of Karanchi and Sind of Pakistan, Hindus were in majority and today Afghanistan is completely wiped of Hindus and in Pakistan remaining 1 % Hindus are facing perpetual oppression at the hands of majority.

We all have our genetic right to celebrate our festivals with all fervent but are we decided to take it for our coming generations and that will only happen with we Hindus by practice not by delusionary outer practices.

Anyways Happy Janmashthami to you. 

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