Javed Akhtar wrote scripts of 24 Bollywood films by teaming up with writer Salim from 1970 to 1982. Most of these films were crime-based stories on the underworld.

During this period, there were five dreaded criminals in Bombay – Haji Mastan, Yousuf Patel, Karim Lala Varadarajan Mudaliyar and Dawood Ibrahim. Four of these were Muslims. Police records show that 80 percent of the criminals in Mumbai were Muslims.

But you will be surprised to know that during the same time in Bombay, Javed Akhtar and Salim Javed wrote the story scripts of the 24 films, the villain of their scripts were never a Muslim. You can check out from all his films.

This shows Javed Akhtar unmistakable bias to influence the thinking of the masses through the powerful medium of popular bollywood films.

The story related to the film Deewar written by Javed Akhtar is familiar. The hero of the film is a Hindu, an atheist who hates the Hindu religion so much that he doesn’t set foot on even the stairs of the temple. He doesn’t even touch God’s prasad. But the same atheist Hindu hero, has an Islamic religious symbol, the number 786 billa on his arm which he deeply believes in! It’s the same billa saves his life when a bullet hits him.

From 1983 to 2006, Javed Akhtar wrote the scripts of 14 more films, but even in those 14 films, not a single Muslim character was shown negatively. That is, from 1970 to 2006, in a total of 38 films, Javed Akhtar’s stories not even a single Muslim character was shown as a villain ! Mind you, almost 60% of those films were based on pure crime stories.

Those days the crime of Muslim goons, smugglers, killers, terrorists was playing havoc in Mumbai. The entire country knows about that. But the villain of every story written by Javed Akhtar was always a Hindu ! Why ?

This cannot be a coincidence. In the words of Prime Minister Modi, this was not a coincidence but an experiment….

It is necessary to mention that this Javed Akhtar has been doing several trips to Pakistan for decades in the pretext of Pakistani Mushaira seminars and conferences. But he never spoke a word against the demonic havoc of murder, loot and rape being carried out by Pakistani Muslim goons on Hindu, Sikh, Christian, Parsi or Buddhist families in Pakistan. Such painful situations of non-Muslims in Pakistan had never spilt over any of his stories or ghazals.

But this is the same Javed Akhtar who opposed the CAA and was insisting to give India’s citizenship to the Pakistani Muslim goons.

Three, four decades ago, the command of the film Jihad was handed over to the gang of ideologically cunning thugs & frauds in the mask of the Leftists. Till 7-8 years ago, the gang of these ideologically-cunning thugs and frauds with the mask of the Leftism ruled the country’s ideological ground like a dictator. The ruling greedy Congress kept carrying this Leftist ideological garbage bale on their backs and skulls like a showpiece.

But 7-8 years ago, the common man of this country got the platform of social media and the truth was told by the common man from that platform. (Now you know why Modiji encouraged digital media.) Owing to this roar of truth, the Leftist ideologies started collapsing badly, Gods occupying the space of devils. The idols of the Leftist devils which were standing straight, have started to be uprooted by the public.

This post is a link to a series of truths being told by the same common man with solid evidence and facts.

This series of Bollywood Jihad is still going on, as is the fight of common man against it.

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