This is circulating on WhatsApp in Malayalam. Not sure if its authenticity but if u have observed how Modiji works it seems very plausible.

After the Agricultural bills were passed, a feeling betrayed, Hasmirat Kaur Badal, waddled straight into PMO and asked for a meeting with our PM. With those 3 bills the family’s finances will be wiped out to the tune of crores, on an annual basis. So she was naturally upset.

She was almost immediately called into the PM’s office. Head held high she trotted in on her Dior heels and haughtily told the PM

“ I am upset abt this agricultural bill that has been passed… so before we can talk I am handing u my resignation”

And saying this she handed in her resignation and sat there on her high horse expectantly. Modiji took her resignation, signed accepted on it and looked up at her and said

“Namaskar ji”…

Completely shocked our Badal Rani, tottered and spluttered out to ppl in the PMO that she might have resigned but they would always stand by the BJP.

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