The oldest civilization, our Indic civilization has been attacked several times either from barbarians or intellectually but still our beloved civilizational stands tall. The people of this civilization witnessed how barbarians attacked this holy land, destroyed temples, slaughtered Hindus and unleashed every possible cruelty upon them. Adding onto this we also noticed how the elite class “intellectuals” fought tooth and nail to whitewash the deeds of invaders and put them into the bracket of secularism. But because of few dev tulya Hindus like Sita Ram Goel , Ram Swarup , Koenraad Elst this intellectual imperialism never became a total success. Because of these noble men ,we bhartiyaas have identified the enemies of our civilization and trying our best to get over them. But we must realise what is the strongest and the weakest point of Hinduism.

Ram Swarup in his book “On Hinduism” has explained the strongest and the weakest point of Hinduism. In the book he writes – “Hinduism in its great fecundity and profundity has given rise to many sampradayas (orders). It is how it should be. A great truth with many facets is lived like that in all its plurality. A sampradaya makes necessary adaptation possible. But sometimes, it has also led to unhappy results. The new sampradâya forgets its larger identity. It begins to make unwarranted claims. In the process, it itself becomes rootless and begins to play a negative role.

Therefore, when a Hindu joins a particular sampradâya, the following could be the part of his vow:
1. Hindu dharma has many facets; it is inexhaustible; it is a great ocean. One drop from it is enough to for me.
2. The Sanatana dharma has been well explained (svâkhyâta) by a succession of great sages and teachers. It has been confirmed by them in their lives.
3. I belong in the first instance to this great unbroken tradition. Now I join this sampradâya in order to live some of its truths more intensely.”

Ref: On Hinduism, Pg 58 by Ram Swarup
Credit – @RamSwarup_voi

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