It’s not Ambani or Tata. There is one organization that is valued with over 3,00,000 Lac Crore of assets.

It is The Syro Malabar Church which has absolute control over more than 10,000 establishments

So if you consider the Syro Malabar Church as a business organisation then TaTa and Reliance come no where near in financial assets value.

Don’t believe me? Check out the statistics…

  • 9000 – Priests
  • 30,000 – Nuns
  • 34 – ‍Dioceses
  • 71 – Seminaries
  • 3763 – Churches
  • 77 – Monasteries
  • 4860 Educational Institutions
  • 2614 – Hospitals and hospices and clinics
  • 50 Lac+ – Members of the Church
  • Total number of Establishments – 11,000

The most powerful Church Sect under the umbrella of The Syro Malabar Church is CMA. The CMA alone has 1514 institutions under it. This includes schools, colleges, hospitals, orphanages, etc

The Syro Malabar has 77 such sects under its jurisdiction. The Church has has at least 50 establishments that can be listed in the stock exchange by value of their assets.

If you calculate the annual income of all the establishments under the Church, no other business or other organisation comes even close to it in terms of money or assets. The Church has a presence all over India and in most countries abroad.

The Syro Malabar Church is an autonomous body under the Roman Catholic Church and holds it’s HQ in Kakkanad Mount St. Thomas.

All the members of this church are Malayalees. The entire Management Committee of the Church is also completely Malayalee.

The Head of the Church is called Major Arch Bishop. The most powerful committee of the Church is the Synod and is preside over by its Bishops.

The Syro Malabar Church is the most powerful wing of all the international Catholic Churches. It has the most presence and holds the largest number of financial assets as compared to other Catholic Churches.

The different Dioceses and monastries have independence to deal with their finances.

Since it comes under the minority tag…it doesn’t have to have its assets or establishments included in the Income tax department and hence no one really knows the real value of their holdings.

The real estate value of the land they hold all over India and outside comes to over 100s of crores.

This too is outside the realm of auditing. In India, the minority tag and secularism has its uses.

As such the Syro Malabar Church cannot be considered as just another religious organisation, it is a powerful business organisation that lies outside the scrutiny of government agencies.

None of its land or profit making organisations are taxed or even recorded. Just think of the power this Church has. It is almost like Medusa’s head or like Raktabheeja. Cut off one head and a hundred others sprouts in its place.

Indian Nationalists must understand that enrolling their child into one of their educational establishments is like feeding the dragon that will ultimately swallow them.

Pay a little more to the Tax paying schools and are burdened with unfair laws that don’t effect minority institutions like the ones run by the Syro Malabar Church.

Understand that they can afford to reduce the fees for u simply becos of their financial might and becos they don’t come under the Income tax structure.

They own prime land all over India and abroad and can afford to bring the school next door to residential areas. Our Tax paying schools simply cannot afford this. So even if the distance is more, endure that hardship. You are saving the future of your country and your descendants

Source : From social media. Image Credit : Wikipedia

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