Hindu Temples in many states are under state control which means state take a significant amount of money which you donate in temples and also the administration of temples are given in the hands of people appointed by state.

As the state takes a significant portion of donation and also because the authorities appointed by state by corrupt from their very core, Ancient Hindu Temples are now in a very bad state. They are crumpling down because of no renovation work done on the temples. Plus only Hindu Religious institutions are under state control and not mosques and Churches which points out at the discriminatory nature of State.

Freeing up of Hindu temples and institutions will definitely mean the improvisation in the conditions of these institutions but will be beneficial for Hindus and Bharat in numerous ways. Freeing of Hindu temples would mean more funds in the hands of Hindu society.

These funds could be used to counter the proselytizing attempts of Christian missionaries. Poor people have always been the target of Christian missionaries. These poor people mainly- Dalits and Tribals are given money in order to convert them. If Hindu institutions are made free then the Hindu society can use their funds to counter the Proselytization mission.

Freeing of Hindu Temples will also be beneficial for environment. When Christian missionaries go on to convert tribals they also change the the relation of that very tribal with the forest. Now the forest will no longer remain a sacred place for the converted tribal. Along with the faith the relationship with forests, rivers, land also changes. Therefore freeing Hindu temples is important so that the proselytizing agenda of Christians could be countered.

Bharat will remain a Civilization until Hindus are in majority. The day demographics changes and Hindus become minority , the civilizational nature of this sacred land will also vanish. Therefore demographics should always be a matter of concern for Hindus.

If Hindu institutions are made free, dharmik programs can be organised through funds where people who have converted to other religions for various socio-politico-economic reasons could be brought back to the Hindu fold. School and colleges can be built where Hindu students along with contemporary education, knowledge of Hindu scriptures could also be given.

Giving proper education will mean respecting self loading tendency among young Hindus. Dharmic institutions can be set up (only if Article 30 is being ammended) where Hindus who want to become pujaris can be given appropriate training free of cost.


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