Bharat was always nurtured by its culture and tradition. As a result, Bharat was prosperous in every way, whether financially or socially. Bharat’s intellectual property was the best in the whole world for millennia. The main reason for this was her unwavering faith in Sanatan. Sanatan is the only factor that can be considered responsible for the greatness of Bharatvarsh without any proof. The Sanatan Dharm of Bharat is complete and permanent in itself.

But the social and economic prosperity of Bharat also became her enemy. Influenced by the wealth, grain and prosperity present here, the invaders occasionally visited Bharat. The Islamic fanatic sect was also an important reason due to which the outside invaders were encouraged to destroy the civilization of Bharat and make her people slave.

However, it was not so easy. But by making a rift in the unity of any nation, this work becomes easier. First the mughals and then later the British divided the Hindus to tarnish the integrity of Bharat. The social fabric of Bharatvarsh was demolished in this systematic way, the result of which has been and remains for centuries. The most prominent and fatal of these conspiracies was to divide the society into castes. Today, Bharat is not only divided in castes, but this caste discrimination is continuously destroying the social structure of the nation. In fact, the caste system was established in society by differentiating the same Varn system envisaged in Sanatan. The problem is that today Varn and caste are considered equal, due to which the problem is constantly increasing. This article will attempt to understand the difference between Varn and caste.

First of all, let’s talk about its origin, i.e. the Varn and Varn system. Varn is derived from the Sanskrit word “Vrnoti (वृणोति)” which means to hold or select, to understand in a straight language, to describe a position, task or responsibility. It is clear from this that the Varn system was based on the choice of field and not on the basis of birth in a particular category. Under the Varn system described in Sanatan, individuals are divided into four Varns, which are Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra. In the Shrimadbhagvat Gita, while explaining the Varn system, Shri Krishn says that…

चातुर्वर्ण्यं मया सृष्टं गुणकर्मविभागशः।
तस्य कर्तारमपि मां विद्ध्यकर्तारमव्ययम्।।4.13।।

It can be clearly understood here that Prabhu himself has considered virtue and karm as the basis of Varn system.

The Brahmins were those who took responsibility for the promotion of education and religious work in the society. Their main duty was the establishment of values ​​in the society. Brahmins used to do this work through education. This work was done by them without any selfishness. After this, the second Varn is Kshatriya, which came into existence by protecting the society. The Kshatriya Dharm is well described in the Mahabharat. It has been said about a Kshatriya Dharm that its duty is the protection of mere beings, for this, even if he has to give his life. Vaishya and Shudra are people who took responsibility for the best development of industry, commerce, art and service. All four characters are excellent in their work.

So in this way the Varn system has no relation with birth.

Now let’s talk about the Jati system prevalent in the society. The word Jati is derived from the Sanskrit origin. It’s base is “Jani” Dhatu described in Sanskrit grammer. 

“समानप्रसवात्मिकाजाति” means those born of the same form and create a Jati.

“नित्यत्वे सति अनेकसमवेतत्वम्जातिवर्त्त्य”, that is, Jati is related to its kind of equality and which is continuous, that is, constantly.

It is clear from them that Jati neither determines the Varn nor the classification of society. It is only related to the identity of a group and the system of their physical determination.

There are four types of Jati.

उद्भिज that originated from the earth.

अंडज means creatures that are born from eggs.

पिण्डज which means mammal creatures.

ऊष्मज means originated from temperature and geographical conditions i.e. viruses and bacteria etc.

A small example can explain Jati. The Ramayan dialogues are, “It is a question of the welfare of the entire Manav Jati”, “Prabhu Shri Ram is determined to kill the Danav Jati”. Note here that it is known that humans are a separate Jati and demons are different. Similarly, it is said about a virus or disease that it has become a threat to the entire Manav Jati and not that the virus has become a threat to the Brahmin Jati. Similarly, in science, words like Prani Jati and Paadap Jati are also described.

Now it is to be understood here that the Jati system in now days that we talk about and which classifies the society is similar to the Caste system given by Europe which is actually based on discrimination. Actually the caste system is neither related to Jati nor to Varn. The English word “caste” derives from the Spanish and Portuguese casta, which, according to the John Minsheu’s Spanish dictionary (1569), means “race, lineage, tribe or breed.” Although Jati and caste have similar meanings, it does not mean that a Spanish word fully defines a word originating from Sanskrit language in Bharat. It is a negative aspect of globalization that we have to translate the words and expressions generated from our ancient language into Latin and Greek translations. The same problem has happened in Bharat that there is a serious confusion in the Varn, Jati and caste system, but the truth is that neither the Varn system is discriminatory nor the Jati system. It is only caste system that is discriminatory at all. This caste system remains a source of discrimination within society in Bharat.

This type of caste division starts in the era of Muslim invaders. It happened that when it seemed difficult for these invaders to conquer Bharat, then they sowed the seeds of class based division in society. These invaders were clever and they knew that the task of breaking Bharatvarsh is not easy. So they adopted all kinds of tactics. Get literary revisions done. In order to incite hatred of their own culture among the people of Bharat, invaders brought forward social thinkers. These thinkers worked to reinforce the spirit of social malice by adopting a variety of means. This work went on for centuries and the work which remained incomplete till the mughals was completed by the Europeans. The Europeans had got a readymade platform. The need was to use resources to carry this seed of chromatic division to the end of the society. Inspired by the different kinds of discrimination that were taking place in Europe, the British changed the Varn system from the Sanatan Bharat into a caste system whose foundation was superiority and inferiority.

This situation remains the same today. The society of Bharat is divided into castes. Without understanding the meaning of Varn, Jati & caste, we are sacrificing our eternal and great traditions in a mutual war. The Hindu unification’s efforts are steadily eroding and the only reason for this is dissatisfaction with its system. The word Varn has become extinct in the maze of politics. Jati has replaced it. In the present Bharat, the use of Jati has become merely political. If we talk about the present world, then what country can be imagined without commerce, industry and services. In such a situation, if we talk about our Varn system, then from where did Vaishy and Shudra become of the lower Jati. The reality is that there is no priority order of any kind in the Varn system described in Sanatan, so how is the fight. The fight went to such an extent that the Constitution had to provide for reservation. In this also, caste was accepted as the basis.

Today there is a need to define Varn, Varn system, Jati and Jati system. Anyway, Hindutva is so great that it travels continuously with the circumstances, but the important aspect of this journey is that the origin should not be left behind. If poison was mixed in the roots, then how will the tree thrive? It is a matter of nation building. It is the duty of our intellectuals of Sanatan to take care that there is no negligence in it.

Understand the difference between Varn, Jati and caste and know whoever makes such a conspiracy against this society and finally this great nation, because if we do not give up sleep today, tomorrow, black nights will come and we will have to stay awake.

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