The Week, a weekly magazine by Malyalam Manorama, published a highly defamatory, slanderous and calumnious article on the great revolutionary freedom fighter, Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, popularly called Veer Savarkar on January 24, 2016, written by propagandist ‘journalist’ Niranjan Takle titled, “The Lamb Lionised”.

This calumnious defamatory article spinning lies on Savarkar’s life was legally challenged by Veer Savarkar’s grand-nephew for being highly defamatory. In response to the defamation case filed on the weekly, the current editor-in-charge of the magazine, VS Jayaschandran has reached an out of court settlement with Ranjit Savarkar and published an apology on Friday (May 14th). The apology stated, “We hold Veer Savarkar in high esteem. If this article (‘Lamb Lionised’) has caused any personal hurt to any individual, we the management express our regret and apologise for such publications”.

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The leftist-Congress ecosystem consisting of card carrying members in the media and academics in India since independence has imposed a narrative in public discourse feeding all lies and canards glorifying Nehru while defaming the contributions of all other true freedom fighters. Mighty leaders’ characters have been systematically tarnished, be it Subash Chandra Bose or Bhagat Sigh, who is called by Nehru historian Mridula Mukherjee “a terrorist” in her book prescribed for Delhi University students, so the calumny and slander against Veer Savarkar was only expected as Savarkar espoused a country rooted in Indian civilizational values and was a proponent of “Hindutva”.

Article Defamed Savarkar Highlighting His “Apology Letters” To The British By Supressing Facts

The said article had tried to show Savarkar in poor light and attempted to spread lies that Savarkar was tamed by the British after he was lodged in the Andaman and Nicobar Cellular Jail. It went about advertising Savarkar’s so-called “apology letters” to the British without giving a comprehensive life story of Savarkar. Listed below are some vital facts about Savarkar which has been completely overlooked and covered up by Congress’ henchman ‘journalist’ Niranjan Takle

  • Savarkar was sentenced to two life sentences, that is 50 years of imprisonment by the British in 1910. He spent a staggering 27 years of his life in confinement from 1910 to 1937.
  • He spent 11 years at the dreaded Kala Paani Cellular Jail in the Andamans. He was subjected to solitary confinement for months together. He was given scanty food, beaten up physically and made to do hard labour. He was made to work in oil-mills in place of a bullock.
  • The imprisonment at Kala Paani was so dehumanising that it broke the spirit of many freedom fighters, several of them became mad and died due to the torture.
  • Savarkar’s mental strength, determination and rare intellect helped him stay alive and bear the inhuman atrocities committed by the British. His own younger brother was also lodged at the Cellular Jail.
  • Yes, Savarkar wrote the so-called ‘apology letters’, but they were written more in behalf of the innocent freedom fighters who were tortured and languishing in jail beyond their sentence times. Those letters were requests to the British authorities to free such freedom fighters who were physically and mentally very sick on humanitarian basis.
  • What did Savarkar do after being released from imprisonment? He ingeniously urged and encouraged young Indians to enlist in the British Army, get trained and later defect over to Netaji Subash Chandra Bose’s Indian National Army.
  • Savarkar provided the crucial link between Rash Behari Bose and Subash Chandra Bose.
  • Netaji Subash Bose in his Japan Radio broadcasts of Azad Hind Fauj from Singapore in 1946 acknowledged his inspiration from Savarkar’s vision.
  • Bhagat Singh too was inspired by Savarkar’s vision of nationalism. He was deeply influenced by Savarkar’s book, “Hindu Pad Padshahi”.
  • Rash Behari Bose in 1939, called Savarkar, “A Rising Leader of New India. He is heroism, valour, adventure personified and epitome of Patriotism.” He also said, “To praise him is to praise the spirit of sacrifice”.
  • He risked his life for the freedom of India and was founder exponent of Doctrine of Cultural Independence.

Why Is Savarkar Hated By Anti-Hindu Lobby?

Savarkar is hated by the anti-Hindu leftists-Islamists-evangelists cabal, because unlike the other leaders of his generation and later, he had his ideological moorings rooted in Indian civilizational history and did not look to foreign “class war” ideologies to fight for freedom against the imperial British rule.

Plus, most importantly, he was the only highly educated intellectual leader who could call out Islamo-Fascism and history of Islamic Jihad in India perpetrated by the barbaric Islamic invaders. He recognized the basic ideology of Islam and naturally acknowledged that it is impossible for Hindus or for that matter any other faith to co-exist with Islam peacefully, as the basic tenets of Islam wants its followers to wipe out all other faiths in the world.

He did not believe in the fake Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb nonsense peddled by Islamists and anti-Hindu Hindus, to hoodwink the innocent politically and historically unaware Hindus leading them to a garden path, where they would be ultimately sacrificed in the name of Allah!

Savarkar is hated most for his guts to stand up to the colonialist British and daring to strategize a strong military revolutionary resistance against them, which actually weakened their rule in India and forced them to flee.

Savarkar is also hated for creating the “Doctrine of Cultural Independence” deeply rooted in Indian civilizational culture and traditions rather than aping the Abrahamic barbaric traditions.

‘Nirajan Takle’ A Congress Henchman

Lastly, Niranjan Takle is the same Congress henchman who cooked up Judge Loya death case, to try and frame Amit Shah. Such people have no credibility and any newspaper or magazine publishing propaganda and baseless slander written by him as “news” or “research paper” should be sued to pay up hundreds of crores of rupees.

Ranjit Savarkar should not have settled for a mere apology and made The Week and Malyalam Manorama cough up crores of rupees and even pursued criminal defamation case for daring to publish naked venom and slander against a Giant Who Gave India Her Identity & Freedom. Truly Veer Savarkar is “Sacrifice, Patriotism and Valour Personified”.

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