THERE IS NO SCAM IN AYODHYA RAMJANMBHOOMI TRUST ACQUIRED PLOT. Standard registration delay on part of original owners has been explained criminally as a scam by crooked Political parties who first opposed the temple now seek to stall construction with malafide fake news. Current owners had not completed property transfer registration for years with unpaid balance to old owners. So cleared it to sell to new owners. Where is a scam in it? 

In September 2019 a plot of land closer to Ayodhya railway station was sold by owners to a party for 2 crores. So a sale deed was made on advance of Rs 50 lakhs. 1.5 crores was pending. So land transfer registration was not done. New owners had requested 3 year window for balance payment agreed to by old owners.

2 months later Supreme Court delivered Temple judgment in November. Land rates rise 4 times gradually since. Present time, new owners decide to sell the land to Ram Janmbhoomi Trust for 18.5 crores. Now the issue new owners faced was title ownership was with old owners still. So they repaid old outstanding balance and had title registered to own name and sold to Trust. The land did not jump in rates in 5 minutes. It jumped over 10 years and doubled last 2 years. The land ownership title was not clear and was cleared. The sale of land did not happen twice on same day in 5 minutes. Land changed hands legally across 20 or more months. Only title registry and title clearance happened on same day. That’s all.

Anyone who has purchased property knows buying or and paying stamp duty/registration are different things. Latter can be done years later also. Registration always is done on present rate not old agreement date. Till then property tax or water – electricity bill receipts are issued in name of old owner. See the attached sale deed dates registered Govt to see sale actual happened 20 months apart. See agreement Images in Link. Agreement 1 is between Kusum Pathak family and Sultan Ansari with Ravi Mohan Tiwari on 17 September 2019. Agreement 2 is between Ansari – Tiwari with Ram Janmbhoomi Trust on 18th March 2021.

Let me post another example – If you purchase a flat, until you register to own name and transfer Share Certificate to your name, you can take possession of flat after sake agreement, live there. BUT you will not get membership rights in society. You will not be able too mortgage it for a home loan. The maintenance and property tax receipts will keep generating in previous owner name making you depend on him. Ram Janmbhoomi Trust had same issues. Not having clear title ownership means buying a disputed property for Rs 18 crores. So they insisted on having a clear registered title which was done by both previous parties on same day to speedily clear land transfer to trust. In India such things are normal. There is nothing illegal over a technicality on ownership of land title. Who will want to buy property you cannot have in your legal name?

The old owners, the Pathak family, of course could have claimed more money for late payment, for not honoring agreement, could have claimed interest on balance payment of Rs 1.5 crores, refused title transfer, fought a court case. They did not it’s their choice. They had agreed to a 3 year payment window so could not. If you have not paid old owner of your property agreed money, not registered property to your name – you cannot sell it. So if you mutually settle it with old owners on old outstanding agreement without dispute and get current rates on re-sold property, how is it a scam? A sale deed is not ownership document.

Today land transfer is digital, local offices scrutinize property market rates. Everything can be verified but Lutyens paid anti-Modi media has abdicated responsibilities towards Ethics and honest journalism over paid hit jobs. The target is Ram Temple, Hindus, their faith, also Uttar Pradesh assembly 2022 polls to stop most dynamic Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. Throughout COVID, UP was targeted most unfairly by media, only to malign BJP, CM Yogi and PM Modi. If they can be stopped in UP, they may suffer a setback in 2024 General Elections. UP is the gateway. The ecosystem is stung at support Hindus have temple with thousand crores in donation. Stopping Temple till UP Polls is their strategy to embarrass popular CM Yogi. So they are fooling Hindus in doubting the Govt and temple trust. If even 5% Hindus do not vote BJP in doubt and vote against BJP or on NOTA it can swing 100 seats where caste-Muslim vote is being attempted by Congress, Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samajwadi Party again. The Muslim vote may largely swing either with Congress or SP. So AAP is trying to break Hindu votes in an attempt to be king maker. If these forces make Govt again, all kinds of nonsense will start and temple will be blocked in a series of fake cases. They have targeted Hindu faith using Lord Ram name after sabotaging his temple decades. They have crossed the Laxman Rekha in mocking Hindus. This should not be forgiven. Jai Shri Ram.

The Agreements of Land sale 20 months apart between present owners and Ram Janmbhoomi Trust

They Failed To Stop Ram Temple In Courts Now Trying To Stop It In Fake Land Scam Allegations.

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