In the Post Covid era, Education Industry is reshaping its core values, methodologies and approaches. Education is the only thing that can shape any community’s future and, from a larger perspective, the Nation. Every School understands the value of Quality in Education and teachers, and that is why the paychecks are getting heavier, and the competition is getting stiff.

Education in the schools is not constrained up to syllabus and textbooks only. The overall multidimensional development and converting a child into a responsible and well-behaved citizen are schools’ focus.

In the uniformity of schools, parents are perplexed about selecting the most appropriate school for their toddlers. The schools are now backed up by the heavy infrastructure: the building, the classrooms, the library, ICT techniques, computer lab, and whatnot. Educators are also backed up by the knowledge and skillsets, which is almost similar in schools nowadays. So the question of selecting any school for your daughter makes it really hard.

Daughters belong to each of us, and hence it is our social responsibility to grant quality education to every single girl with the utmost security and a multifaceted developmental approach.

Why Samvid Gurukulam?

Samvid Gurukulam is a CBSE Board residential school for girls where girls find a home away from home. Located in the outskirts of Vrindavan makes it a place with NO Distractions, so it is easy to focus on sports and studies.

However, this approach is what every school follows. What is new to it?

The answer is the level of motivation Samvid gives to its talent pool is something really unique, and other schools ought to learn from it.

Kirti Saraswat, aged 15, is a student of 11th standard. She is the one who is good at reciting poems. What makes it special is that whenever the dignitaries visit the school, Kirti recites a poem for them in front of all. The school management thinks it to be good for the students’ confidence, nurture her talent, and make her feel good about it.

A student recites and gifts her poems to the Governor.
Kirti recites and gifts her poem to the first lady Mrs Anandiben.

Every school has good academic records nowadays. More than a hundred thousand students across the nation secure more than 90% marks in the board examinations, but most of them fail to join a graduate program of their choice. The selection cut off list of the prestigious Delhi University reveals the same.

Kirti reciting a poem for Cabinet Minister Pradhan

On the contrary, Students like Kirti may or may not secure a high percentage as them, but she is on the way to learn the process to grow and score high on Confidence, Motivation, and easily manage the aspects of Success and Failure. That is what Samvid Gurukulam has the role to play.

Making the daughters more self-reliant, confident and charged from within is something that helps them in the crucial times of stress and anxiety and makes them able to hold their head high with the management of success and failures.

Do visit and feel the difference of this school with a difference.

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