Prime Minister Modi received a call from Biden this morning. Pres Biden was told that a Bollywood film has turned out to be a blockbuster, to the extent that it has exceeded the GDP of the US in 2021. Brahmastra, produced by Karan Johar was made with a budget of 400 crore rupees and was released on 9 September 2022. And within three days the film earned in such a way that it exceeded US’s GDP.

The film critics are shocked by this number knowing that the film isn’t up to the mark except for the VFX used in the film. The audience spewed hate at the film after watching are in shock knowing that film did 75 crores on day 1. While many of them haven’t recovered from the film’s poisonous nature.

Critics are in a predicament that if this is continued then the film will touch the 50 trillion dollar mark.

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