As expected the mainstream media first completely ignored the ghastly lynching of Rinku Sharma right in the national capital at Mangolpuri on Wednesday by a jihadi mob of 30 people due to their hatred for him as a Hindu activist collecting funds for the construction of Ram Temple at the Ramjanmabhoomi site at Ayodhya and raising “Jai Shri Ram” slogan.

Later when they could not ignore the outrage from citizens over brazen lynching in full public view on Wednesday nigh and the questions of netizens in the social media over their complete silence in the matter, they started whitewashing the incident as a simple case of murder over some argument between the victim and the perpetrators.

This issue of whitewashing the incident by Times Of India and many journalists from the TimesNow would be dealt with in another article in detail by this author. What is more sinister is that the Times Group employs people like Tanzila Anis in their music venture Gaana, who openly gloats over the death of Rinku Sharma a Bajrang Dal activist in Mangolpuri in Delhi. Her tweet in the social media platform twitter read,

“Bajrang Dal Activist.

That’s it, that’s the tweet.

Tweet By Times Group Gaana’s Employee, Tanzila Anis.

Her glee over the extremely shocking devilish murder of Rinku Sharma by jihadi mobs just cannot be missed. She indirectly says that the Bajrang Dal activist collecting money for the Ram Temple at Ayodhya deserved to be lynched by her co-religionist jihadi brothers.

What is more flabbergasting is that Times Group continues to employ such jihadi minded employees like Tanzila Anis who wishes death of Hindus.

Tanzila’s hatred for Hindus and Hinduism is no secret as she consistently keeps tweeting her Hinduphobic jihadi views regularly on twitter.

On 10th March 2015 she lists in her tweet, More Hindus in India as a cause of outrage.

It is shocking that The Times Group decided to hire a person like Tanzila Anis when even a cursory background check by going through her foot print in the social media would have revealed her poisonous and venomous anti-Hindu jihadi mentality as it can be easily seen by a series of her social media posts given below which displays her jihadi Hinduphobic mentality.

Tanzila Anis in the tweets above and below displays her base mentality of abusing Hindu Gods and derogatively lusting over Hindu God, Shiva, by implying she was crazy for “mythological dick”; in another one she further wants to look at lord Shiva as a sexual object. This is base derogatory blasphemy is passed off by the leftist media as freedom of expression

In her tweet on 07 May 2012, she does not spare Devi Sita also, she tries to denigrate the pious relationship between Devi Sita and Hanuman in a base sexual manner. She is so sexually obsessed with Hindu Gods and Goddesses that she must need some psychiatric treatment for not being able to percieve anything without thinking about sex.

She also goes on to abuse Mahabharata and mocks Draupadi and alludes in her tweet a deep sense of hatred for the epic itself.

She then derogatively tries to suggest in a tweet that Bhagwan Krishna indulged in an sexual orgy with Gopis. This shows her absolute sick mind and hatred for Hindu Gods and Hinduism.

She does not just hate Hindu Gods and Hinduism, she displays her deep love for Pakistan, a religious theocratic state whose only capability in all its years of existence is to export jihadi terror primarily to India and also to the rest of the world.

Tanzila is seen tweeting cheering for Pakistani cricket team when it was playing against India. She is also seen gladly accepting that she is an atinational.

It is shocking that the Times Group and Gaana employs such highly bigoted, venomous and provocative people and provides them a platform to spread hate. The Times Group is aiding Tanzila Anis in her goal of a Ghazwa-e- Hind.

The Times Group should immediately sack this venomous employee failing which many responsible citizens have decided to legally proceed against Tanzila Anis and Gaana a subsidiary of The Times Group.

The trend of media houses providing platform to pure hate and bigotry against Hinduism, Hindu culture and Hindu Godsin the name of freedom of expression and free press has to be countered. These media houses and leftists have now begun a new fashion of provoking and gloating over killings of prominent Hindu activists and security forces. The infamous open celebration by JNU’s leftists and jihadi academics on killing of 60 CRPF men by Maoists by distributing sweets only made it too evident.

By the way, for all the champions of freedom of expression, we are yet to see the same characters who mock Hindu Gods, crack jokes on them or refer to them in a sexually derogative manner, ever mock Mohammad, the founder of Islam or even draw a sketch of Mohammad and Allah. Why is this exercise not undertaken for some fun?

Besides, gloating over Hindu activists and security forces death displays a perverse sadistic mind and body which wants this country to be blown to smithereens.

While the intentions of people like Tanzila Anis is quite evident, it is time to question the Times Group’s owner Vineet Jain’s mentality in hiring such sick people. Vineet Jain has the option of sacking these employees with devilish mentality or face legal proceedings against the Group and face heavy financial losses due to en masse boycott of their Group by Hindus.

Souce of image and some tweets of Tanzila Anis from Opindia.

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