Having a piece of jaggery was a traditional custom that was practiced in the time of our ancestors, and it was not out of practice but due to the various health benefits possessed by jaggery. The nutritional elements in jaggery are exceptionally high, and it is an unrefined form of sugar. The nutrition profile of jaggery includes carbohydrates, iron, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, magnesium, selenium, and sodium.

Let’s take a look at the different benefits of consuming jaggery or jaggery powder, and its positive effects on our health:

1. Helps in relieving constipation

Irregular bowel movements are a part of many people’s routines. This will lead to constipation or hardened stools. By consuming jaggery on a regular basis, one can relieve such distress regarding regular bowel movements. It helps in instigating the digestive enzymes, which will then stimulate the proper functioning of the bowels.

2. Detoxification of the liver

Harmful toxins can pile up in our bodies due to our daily food habits. When there is an extreme pile of such toxins, it can make the person extremely sick. The liver functions effectively in clearing off toxins from the body, and jaggery acts as a natural cleanser. It helps the liver to flush out toxins, which will help the liver to detoxify itself.

3. Helps with flu symptoms

Jaggery has warming and soothing effects on the symptoms of the flu. The irritation of having a runny nose and sore throat can be quite overwhelming. A jaggery solution or adding jaggery to your regular tea intake can help relieve the flu symptoms to a great extent. This will help curb the symptoms of the flu.

4. Helps prevent anemia

Anemia is a condition where the body feels weak due to a lack of iron in the body. The ideal way to prevent anemia is by incorporating adequate amounts of iron-rich foods into the regular diet. Taking in jaggery on a regular basis can help increase the count of red blood cells in the body, thus contributing to increased levels of energy in the body.

5. Helps in purifying the blood

Purifying blood will directly contribute to good health. Having jaggery and incorporating it into the regular diet can aid in the purification of blood, help the body be better prepared against infection, and increase the immunity level.

6. Helps in maintaining the warm temperature of the body

It is essential for the body to stay warm during the winter months. Jaggery has inherent features that will help in maintaining the warmth of the body. Mixing jaggery with cold water can actually help cool off the body and the stomach. This makes jaggery ideal irrespective of the climate you are in.

7. Helps in cleansing the body

Jaggery is known to remove toxins and unwanted waste from the body. It helps in cleaning the respiratory tract, stomach, and food pipe. People living in highly polluted areas come across such harmful toxins daily, and consuming jaggery daily will help you steer clear of such ailments caused by toxin infusion into your body.

8. Eases menstrual pain

The pain that comes through muscle cramps and stomach cramps can disrupt a woman’s life due to her monthly cycle. The consumption of jaggery during periods can help ease and reduce the pain of menstrual cramps to a great extent. The over the counter medicines that relaxes the pain can have impending side effects on the body. Eating jaggery releases hormones called endorphins, which help to bring down the pain and help battle against the premenstrual symptoms.

9. Helps with good intestinal health

Jaggery has a good amount of magnesium in its nutritional profile, which makes it an ideal source for helping with good intestinal health. When taken in adequate quantities, it can also satisfy your intake of magnesium.

10. Helps with weight loss

Sedentary lifestyles and poor diets are some of the main reasons for weight gain. Along with a good routine, adding in jaggery can ensure an increase in your metabolic rate and also help prevent water retention in the body. The potassium content in jaggery can also contribute to building muscle mass in the body. The better form of jaggery can be found as jaggery powder. Jaggery powder in Kerala is the most authentic form to consume.

11. Helps control blood pressure

Adding jaggery to your regular diet can help maintain and control blood pressure in your body. Low and high blood pressure are never signs of a good and healthy body. Sodium and potassium are in abundance in jaggery, which is efficient in controlling blood pressure as well. Therefore, jaggery can play an important role in controlling your fluctuating blood pressure.

12. Helps in boosting immunity

Jaggery can help increase the levels of hemoglobin in one’s body. The increase in hemoglobin levels in the body will equip the body to fight against infections and diseases. It will prevent your body from falling sick unwantedly. It also aids in reducing radical damage.

13. Helps boost energy levels

It is natural to feel lethargic and fatigued by the end of the day due to the daily chores. Jaggery can help energize you and help you be fresher. Jaggery or jaggery powder is a natural form of sugar that will not have the same negative effects as refined sugar. It helps elevate your blood levels, thus contributing to overcoming fatigue and exhaustion.

14. Helps relieve joint pain and aches

Joint pain can be quite a herculean task and can disrupt the normal functioning of your routine affairs. Mixing jaggery powder with milk and consuming it can do wonders for your joint aches and pains. It also helps strengthen your muscles and joints effectively.

15. Treats urinary problems

Jaggery is a good source to stimulate urination, or it can be called a diuretic. It also helps in reducing urinary disorders and malfunctions.

Jaggery is a food source that is available almost everywhere. Jaggery is now available readymade in a much more simple form as jaggery powder. Jaggery powder in Kerala is manufactured by authentic manufacturers like Double Horse which assures the quality of the product and makes it easily consumable.


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