Being light and easy to carry, mirrorless cameras have been capturing the camera market since last two years. Here is the list for the top mirrorless cameras for you to buy in 2020, whether you are into vlogging, photography or cinematography.

Sony A6000

Sony has been a top notch company when it comes to mirrorless cameras, it had already captured half of the camera market in India. Its versatile and works better for both photography and cinematography. The Sony A6000 have been launched in 2014, but still the features and the specs of this camera is a game changer. It has a great AF system, comes with 11fps burst shooting mode and full HD video.

Panasonic Lumix G100

When it comes to capturing still life images, panasonic is a survivor. The vloggers and the content creators on YouTube now days prefer panasonic over anything. This camera comes with micro four thirds sensor, 10fps continuous shooting and 4K Ultra HD video. The 4K factor makes this camera special.

Fujifilm X-T200

This compact mirrorless camera delivers its performance according to its price point, which is really decent. It has a big 3.5 inch display with touchscreen. The viewfinder in the camera can also view 4K Ultra HD videos . The 35 mm sensor gives a good space to a wider frame though it has an APS-C sensor, the look and the quality are the same.

Canon EOS RP

This mirrorless, full frame camera is a beast in this price range, it has about 1 million dots in the display and comes with 4K Ultra HD recording. Though canon have been popular for its DSLRs cameras, this beast mirrorless is no less than a flagship in the world of mirrorless cameras.

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