Shekhar Gupta’s ‘The Print’ published a total fake News once again saying Toyota India is stalling it’s operations in India

Toyota India’s Vice Chairman Vikram Kirloskar Denied News Published by ‘The Print’

Shekhar Gupta’s ‘The Print’ published one more fake news and again got busted. This time this is about a fake news published by ‘The Print’ about Toyota India.

On 15th September , ‘The Print’ Published a fake news with title “Toyota stops expansion in India saying taxes too high” .

Shekhar Gupta himself tweeted this fake news :

This Fake News is busted by none other than Toyota India Vice Chairman Vikram Kirloskar :

Vikram Kirloskar clearly said ,

“Absolutely! We are investing 2000+ crs in electric components and technology for the domestic customer and export. We are committed to the future of India and will continue to put all effort in society, environment, skilling and technology.”

Vikram Kirloskar, VC, Toyota India

‘The Print’ in the fake news published by them, claimed that Toyota India wants reduction in taxes, Vikram Kirloskar denied this claim of ‘The Print’ as well. He separately tweeted that we can’t expect Govt to reduce taxes in current situation.

Vice Chairman of Toyota India, Vikram Kirloskar further added :

“We are seeing the demand increase & the market recover slowly. The future of sustainable mobility is strong here in India & Toyota is proud to be part of this journey. We are investing 2000+ crs towards the electrification of vehicles and helping build a strong India!”

Vikram Kirloskar

Union Minister Prakash Javdekar have also tweeted in this issue :

This is not the first time when ‘The Print’ has published a fake news.

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