It’s been years watching and listening about Bharat. Beneath the heart lies a question. A country, well known for its science, technology, prosperity, civilisation, to which world used to bow, falls on the path of continuous decline. Many looted, few diminished the entire religion, Identity & integrity, but we survived. And since then we are just survivors rather living.

Major damage was done during the British rule [Wiliam Jones and others distorted our history to match with Sumerians history], and that’s they damaged our संस्कृति, Vedic living style. They represented our heroes as terrorists, modified Bhartiya history such that many feel ashamed till date; Our generation feeling ashamed of our history, written with the blood of our great people.

Its matter of great concern the great वेद, रामायण, and महाभारत are being subjected as mythology. This article is a small attempt to debunk these. I am confident this gonna make you more curious to research.

The greatest astronomer and mathematician ‘The Aryabhatt’ [Born 476 AD], finished his book ‘Aryabhattiya’ in 499 AD, in which he mentioned about the beginning of Kaliyug. He has mentioned the exact year via sholka written in Sanskrit.

From : Aryabhattiya

Meaning: He says when three yugas [Satyug, Tretayug, Dwaparyug] have elapsed and 60×60 = 3600 years of kaliyuga have passed, I [Aryabhatt] am 23 years old now.
This means that in the 3601st year of kaliyug he was 23 years old. And as mentioned earlier, Aryabhatt was born in 476 AD. So the beginning of Kaliyug is 3601 – [476 + 23] = 3102 BC.

At this moment we are quite sure that Mahabharata happened before 3102 BC, Since Mahabharata itself says that: “After the war ended and Lord Krishna ascended to his divine abode, that was the moment when kaliyug started”.The existence of king Vikramaditya who ruled Hastinapur is documented as from 102 BC to 15 AD ( exactly till 9 AD )= 93 years approx he ruled.

Now we will trace back till King Yudhisthir.

  • Periods                            Kings / Dynasties
  • 102 BC – 15 AD                 Vikramaditya
  • 321 BC – 270 BC               Ashoka the great
  • 326 BC                            Alexander’s Invasion
  • 328 BC – 321 BC               Chandragupta Vijayaditya
  • 328 BC – 83 BC                Gupta Dynasty
  • 509 BC – 477 BC.              Jagadguru Shankaracharya
  • 784 BC – 328 BC               Andhra Dynasty
  • 1241 BC – 784 BC              Shung and Kanau Dynasty
  • 1479 BC – 1443 BC            Ashokavardhan
  • 1507 BC – 1479 BC            Bindusar
  • 1541 BC – 1507 BC           Chandragupta Maurya
  • 1541 BC – 1241 BC             Maurya Dyansty
  • 1641 BC – 1541 BC             Nandas
  • 1894 BC – 1814 BC            Gautam Buddha
  • 2001 BC – 1641 BC            Shishunag Dynasty
  • 2139 BC – 2001 BC           Pradyot Dynasty
  • 2139 BC                           Decline of Brihadrath Dynasty
  • 3102 BC                           Beginning of Kaliyug
  • 3139 BC                           Beginning of Brihadrath Dynasty of Magadh & Yudhisthir Dynasty of Hastinapur

Note: Bhagvad [9/22/46-49, 12/1/1-28] tells there were 9 dynasties that ruled Magadh after Mahabharata war. They were 21 Kings in Brihadrath dynasty that ruled for 1000 years.

Means immediately after war Brihadrath Dynasty and Yudhisthir Dynasty came to existence.And thus by adding the total number of years from Yudhisthir dynasty till Vikramaditya, it’s around 3148 years [These many number of years gap between the two kings].

According to an ancient book “Harishchandra Chandrika and Mohan Chandrika“. The description is detailed to years-months-days of each and every king who ruled.Hence Date of Mahabharata war: 3148 – 9 = 3139 BC nearby.

Bhagvad purana clearly mentions the name of kings after king parikshit who ruled Jambudweep [Bharat] and is supported by Vishnu purana and Bhavisya purana.Between Pratisarg Parv 1st and 4th name of vikramaditya reflects several times. Pratisarg 4th, Chapter 1st of Bhavisya purana says that after the elapse of complete 3000 years in kaliyug, a dynamic divine personality will be born who will be named as Vikramaditya.
3102 – 3000 = 102 BC which is again matching the date mentioned above.

Finally I hope readers might have understood the authenticity of our Vedas, puranas and might be feeling proud of Aryabhatt, Ved Vyasa, and others who described all these events wonderfully and mathematically.

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