Yet another sordid case of Sex Jihad victim ultimately succumbing to death by consumption of poison has come to light from Guna in Madhya Pradesh. A young 21 year old girl named Kirti Jain from Guna Madhya Pradesh eloped with Waseem Qureshi three years ago, became Zainab to marry him only to to end up dying after consuming poison on 10th July due to unending physical and mental torture of Dowry demands as reported by senior journalist Swati Goel Sharma.

Kirti Wooed & Entrapped By Waseem As A Minor With Joy Rides On Expensive Bikes, Treats In Fancy Places

Kirti was the youngest child in her family who lost her father when she was hardly 7 years old. She belonged to a middle-class Jain family in Guna Madhya Pradesh. She was lured into a deceptive romantic relationship with a Muslim youth named Waseem Qureshi who resided in a neighbouring area even as she was just 15-16 year old minor girl in school. A whole cabal of Muslim friends and relatives of Waseem Qureshi successfully brainwashed the girl to make her believe that Waseem hailed from a well-to-do family and would turn vegetarian respecting her sentiments and keep her happy if she married him.

Waseem wooed her by offering her fancy gifts and taking her on rides on fancy bikes, thus successfully creating an impression of hailing from a wealthy and caring family. Waseem Qureshi in reality hailed from a poor family and was unemployed. His elder brother, Moim, was a history-sheeter and had several criminal cases lodged against him in the Guna City Police station. It is a wonder then where did Waseem get all the money from for lavishing expensive gifts on Kirti and giving her jolly rides on expensive gifts.

Kirti Elopes Waseem As Soon As She’s 18

As per senior journalist Swati Goel Sharma, Kirti’s elder brother Kuldeep revealed that within a few days of her turning 18, she eloped with Waseem. Kirti’s family managed to trace her the same night and settled the matter without any legal proceedings and brought her back home. Her brother says that the family was in dark about her alliance with Waseem came to know of it only when she ran away with Waseem.

Kirti Claimed, Waseem Would Turn Vegetarian For Her- When Family Tried To Counsel Her Against Dubious Waseem

Kirti’s family started counselling her about Waseem’s dubious family background, sharp differences in cultural value system and the perils of being coerced to accept Islam if she chooses to be with him. Kirti’s family even brought many family elders and holy Jain Munis to counsel her. She would rebut them all by saying Waseem wants to become vegetarian for her and would never force her to eat meat and adopt Islam. So, the whole exercise undertaken by Kirti’s family to counsel her was like water on a ducks back.

Kirti Runs Away, Testifies In Court In Favour Of Waseem, Marries Him By Becoming Zainab

Kirti again ran away with Waseem after a few months, her mother filed a police complaint with the Police authorities on 14th February, 2018 against Kirti’s elopement with Waseem just 2-3 months after she became 18. she also mentioned in the complaint, Waseem’s elder brother Moim threatens Kirti’s family as they tried to counsel her against getting involved with Waseem due to his dubious background.

The complaint also stated, Kirti’s widowed mother had filed several complaints against Moim in Guna City police station for illegal intimidation. The complaint also stated how Waseem’s family and friends in a organised manner lured away Kirti from her family. But their complaints fell on deaf ears as a police officer named TI Ashtana according to Kirti’s mother, allegedly had good relations with Moim. However, Kirti testified in the court that she has fled home willingly to be with Waseem. She married Waseem with a Nikah ceremony, changed her name to Zainab.

Kirti Realises Waseem Is Poor & Unemployed; She Was Harassed For Dowry

After sometime Kirti realised that Waseem was unemployed and his family was poor. They used to beat her up and ask her to get dowry from home. Kirti started realising that she was tricked by Waseem and his family, but was pregnant by then and didn’t want to leave him as she was deeply trapped.

Kirti’s Family Gives Her Rs 2 Lakh For Delivery

As Kirti was penniless she turned to her family for help. Kirti’s family gave her Rs.2 lakhs for her delivery. But asked her to not come to them again unless she is prepared to leave Waseem forever. They also told her she would be well taken care of if she is prepared to leave him. She did not leave Waseem and gave birth to a girl within one year of marriage.

Disillusioned Kirti Wonders How A Poor Waseem Wooed Her With Fancy Bikes

She started calling back home more often for more money and also said, she can’t figure out how could a poor Waseem manage to take her out in fancy bikes and restaurants when he was wooing her.

Police Informs Kirti’s Family Of Her Death By Consumption of Poison

Kirti did not contact much with her family during the entire pandemic period. The family was informed out of the blue by a local policeman this week to see her body in the hospital. The family rushed to see Kirti, who died heart broken and disillusioned with Waseem. Kirti died by consuming poison (aluminum phosphide aka celphos or salphos).

Kirti’s Family Lodges Complaint Of Dowry Death & Cremates Her As A Jain

Kirti’s family claimed her body from the hospital by showing her birth certificate and cremated her according to Jain rituals. Waseem and his family objected to her being cremated as a Jain as they claimed she had converted to Islam, but did not prove the same, so Kirti’s family was allowed by the authorities to be cremated as a Jain.

Kirti’s family also filed a FIR against Waseem’s family for dowry harassment (498A) and dowry death (304B). The Guna police put out a statement on 11 July. Kirti’s brother told journalist Swati Goel Sharma that the accused have been arrested.

Notably, Since the arrest, a video has emerged in the social media where Kirti, while hospitalised and barely speaking in broken sentences that she had consumed poison on her own accord by “mistake”. Her brother Kuldeep says, it indicates that she might have been forced to consume poison or forced to give a statement to save Waseem’s family. This is a good possibility as neither Waseem nor any of his family member bother to inform Kirti’s family when she was hospitalised. They came to know of the incident only when they were informed by the local policeman when she was already dead. They never saw her alive.


Kirti Jain’s case is a tragic case which would choke anyone’s heart. It shows how the so-called ‘love trap’ is actually a ‘death trap’. It brings to fore the modus operandi of Islamist Jihadis catching the girls when they are very young, deceptively brainwash them and take them into confidence, while the girl’s family is blissfully unaware of what is happening to their children.

The girls are so deeply deceived in their sensitive period of adolescence that they are made to psychologically believe and trust the Jihadis. By the time they realise the truth they are so invested in the matter, that many of them are not able shake off the Jihadis from their lives and start afresh. They end up dead and their parents go through painful process of helplessly seeing their beautiful girl children destroy themselves.

Need For Solution To Battle Pandemic Of Sex Jihad

Kirti Jain’s case and myriad other cases have prompted many State Governments, specially ruled by BJP, to legislate a law against Sex Jihad by tightening up the anti-conversion laws. But it needs a multi-level solution for avoiding the perils of Sex Jihad as in Kirti’s case, the girls ends up brainwashed and dead even before the parents can successfully knock the doors of justice. It is therefore our responsibility as parents and elders of Sanatani Samaj to prepare our children and forewarn them to successfully combat the onslaught of Sex Jihad pandemic like Coronavirus.

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