Time and again Indian National Congress has proved that its greatest enemy is Indian National Congress itself. Every single day , people associated with the Congress party are moving out and it seems soon there will a time when only 3 Gandhi Bandars will be running the oldest political party of India.

Recently another family member of Indian National Congress has moved out and offered his resignation. Lokesh Sharma who was the Officer on Special Duty (OCD) to Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gahlot offered his resignation after his pretty cryptic tweet on Punjab political sparked controversy and lands him in trouble.

Amid Punjab political developments Lokesh Sharma went on to deliver a witty cryptic tweet “मजबूत को मजबूर, मामूली को मग़रूर किया जाएबाड़ ही खेत को खाए, उस फसल को कौन बचाए !!”. This tweet made by him was seen as a indirect criticism of the top leadership in the Congress party over the change of leadership in Punjab. The tweet made by him did not go well and he had to face a heavy backlash from the hard core Congress supporters. Few days after this incident Lokesh Sharma came up with his resignation to officially resign from his post of Officer on Special Duty.

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