Twitter under Parag Agarwal again went up to provide an aid to the Islamists by providing them a safe heaven for uploading venomous videos against Hindus and spreading them all over the internet along with suspending or temporarily locking up the accounts of people who raise their voice against these videos.

Recently, Twitter temporarily locked up the account of Priya Kulkarni because she went up to expose Islamist Zakir Naik by posting his video where he asked the muslims to kill the entire Hindu community. But just because Priya Kulkarni raised her voice , twitter locked her account for 12 hours & also forced her to delete the tweet.

After 12 hours her account got unlocked. Priya Kulkarni wrote a tweet expressing her grief, she wrote “Twitter locked me over Zakir Naik video .Shame on you @Twitter @paraga @jack .Zakir Naik is on India’s intel network who says in a video kill entire Hindu community, I just posted that video. He fleed to Malaysia.You locked me 12 hours & forced to delete. Restore my tweet”.

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