(Photo: PTI, HWnews, Killing of Hindus by Islamic Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army, 2018.)

Alexis de Tocqueville, a political thinker and historian offered insights about the tyranny of the majority, or the tyranny of the masses in his 1835 work. The term ‘mob rule’ was ruled in ancient Greece to describe the tyranny of the masses against minorities.

However, in the case of India, despite the majority in numbers, the actual minorities in India are Hindus who have experienced brutal conquests and rule by Muslims and then the Christian British for about a thousand years. Technically the Hindus are a majority in India while the Muslims and Christians are minorities. Though India became independent of the colonial British rule in 1947, there has not been an overhaul of the governance systems which existed during the times when Hindus were second-class citizens, or minorities in their own homeland. Thus, Hindus are still experiencing the tyranny of the minorities who used to rule India and are dead-set on continuing to rule India any way they can even today.

In India, tyranny of the majority is not an applicable concept as elaborately described by de Tocqueville. It is a well known fact that minorities – Christian missionaries and Islamists, Jihadis are continuously working on destroying the idea of Bharat which is – India, Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, Buddhists, civilization, worship, culture, language, rituals, history, literature, education, environment, and even entertainment.

People in contemporary politics are crying loudly about fairness, equality and inclusion. However, the same people are turning a blind eye to the tyranny inflicted on Hindus by Muslims and Christians in India. Elements like China who are traditionally atheist in nature have jumped into bed with the tyrants given their common goal is to eradicate the fabric of Indic civilization.

Goal of Muslims and Christians in India: demoralize, weaken, convert and kill Hindus, Pagans, Tribals.

Usually tyranny is discussed from the angle that of majority marginalizing the minority. However, in this case, the opposite is true. Muslims and Christians have tried to assert power on Hindus and destroy India. Low-life Islamic nations around India feed on the destruction of Hindu people on their land with cockroach-like zeal. Rapes, abductions, forced conversions and hacking Hindus to death is the norm.

Hindumisia is prevalent outside of India as well. Making fun of Hindu deities, corrupt textbooks teaching Hindu children garbage about Hinduism, discrimination against Hindus in the job sector, education, and other, normal sectors of life is the norm in the West.

Muslims and Christians may be in smaller numbers in India as compared to the rest of the world though these are large, organized, proselytizing religions who have an insatiable thirst for conversions and mass murders.

A gullible Hindu believes that Ishwar, Allash ek hei. The tyrant minorities believe that their God is the only God.

India, despite its independence from the imperialist British colonizers is not independent by any means. The violence against Hindus in their land by tyrant minorities is increasing every day. The corrupt media owned by those who belong to these tyrant faiths have no incentive to report the violence against Hindus in their media outlets.

At this rate the Hindu civilization is set up to be systematically destroyed by the tyranny of the minority. Priests are being murdered, women are being coerced into conversion by marriage and/or killed, generations of children are taught to hate their civilization by fake textbooks. A tyrant who imposed Jihadi-style “emergency” on Indian democracy named Maimuna Begam aka Indira Gandhi helped insert the term “secular” in a constitution of a nation which has enjoyed and thrived as a pluralist entity.

As a result of Indira’s blunder, the Indian civilization suffers. The legal system stands confused and atrocities of the tyrant minorities on Hindu majority is encouraged and in some cases legally justified. Hindu monies and donations end up funding anti-Hindu activities in the realm of public policy. There is no end in sight to this tyranny of this Abrahamic, mafia minority against Hindus and Indians.

Do Hindu lives matter? Or are they worthless and expendable?

Are you okay with the end of Hindu civilization?

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