The Fatehpur Police arrested a Dalit father and son for fraudulently identifying a body of an unidentified girl as their daughter and filing false case against their neighbours for fictitious rape and murder.

Shiv Prasad Raidasa, a Dalit resident of Ganga Nagar, Jehanabad Police station area, on 17th June reportedly fraudulently identified an unclaimed body of a dead girl as his daughter Monika and maliciously filed a false case of murder and gang rape against his neighbour. The family also cremated the dead body and conducted the last rites.

Pertinenly, Shiv Prasad Raidas’ daughter Monika Raidas reortedly eloped with an upper caste boy against his wishes. Monika’s family filed registered a missing report with the police on 2nd June 2021. The police investigations later traced Monika’s mobile phone in Mathura and found her alive and living well with her husband.

Monika in her statement to the police said that she has entered into an inter-caste marriage with an upper-caste boy. She stated that she was unaware that her family had claimed a dead body by identifying it as her. She also said that she had no clue why her family made such false claims.

After Monika was found alive by the police they arrested her father and brother for fraudulently identifying a girl’s dead body as her and filing a false case against their neighbours. Monika’s family reportedly filed fictitious case of gang-rape and murder against their neighbours in their greed for extracting heavy monetary compensation from the government by trying to sensationalise the fabricated case.

While the Uttar Pradesh police needs to be lauded for exposing the false case and preventing gross human rights violations by incarcerating innocent people in fictitious case of gang-rape and murder.

The nature of the crime’s allegation is such that it becomes very difficult for people at the receiving end of false complaints to prove their innocence. If the case is not probed properly by the investigating agencies, innocent people languish in jail for heinous crimes they never committed.

There are various reasons for the increasing number of fake cases, like settling personal scores or greed for huge monetary compensation provided to victim’s family on sensationalisation of crimes, whether they were committed or not, driven by Dalit politics played up political parties infested with communists and jihadis.

News input and image source: Neo Politico

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