Kanahiya lal who was murdered in broad daylight on tuesday in Udaipur was previously detained by police for his support to former BJP spokeswoman Nupur Sharma. Kanhaiya Lal was detained by the Udaipur Police for sharing the aforementioned post on his mobile device with his 8-year-old kid.

The eight-year-old son of the victim Kanhaiya Lal uploaded a social media post in support of Nupur Sharma from his phone. However, after that, cops from the Dhanmandi police station detained Kanhaiyalal. After his release, he kept getting death threats for the post.

Kanhaiya Lal, terrified by the threats, pleaded with the police for protection, but the Rajasthan police did not respond. According to Nav Bharat Times, the murderers threatened to intimidate and kill Kanhaiyalal even after his incarceration. Kanhaiyalal told the Dhanmandi police station about this and asked for security for himself. Even Nevertheless, the cops did not treat the situation seriously. Neither any kind of security was provided to Kanahiya lal despite numerous pleadings.

Post his release from the jail, when he opened his tailoring shop, Islamist attackers found an opportunity to behead the tailor. Kanhaiyalal’s life would have been saved today if the Udaipur police had given him security or addressed his worries. But not only police but CM Gehlot is not sure about taking appropriate action against jihadis and wants the Centre to intervene.

The incident happened on Maldas Street in Udaipur, close to the Bhoot Mahal. The deceased, a tailor and the owner of Supreme Tailors, was assassinated in broad daylight amid the commotion on the nearby road. The two Islamists, who identified themselves as Mohammed Riyaz Akhatari and another as Mohammed, carried out the murder and then boasted about it while sharing the footage of it and even threatening Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The two terrible killers were apprehended on the same day. 1

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