In a desperate move:

Home Secretary Priti Patel has called for the removal of social media posts that “glamourise” dangerous migrant crossings from Europe.

They may “glamorize” the perilous journey for Leftist woke sympathizers, but they also showcase the big problem with illegal migration for those who are paying attention to its ill effects. In fact, the videos publicize the British government’s ongoing incompetence regarding border control, endangering British citizens and putting national security at risk. Patel recently admitted that the concept of open borders was flawed. She has promised repeatedly (and in vain) to end illegal migration in the face of growing public outrage. Her promises continue to be nothing more than hollow attempts to pacify the public.

Author Ed Husain, who made news several years ago on Jihad Watch for saying that seizing jihadi’s passports would only increase the jihad threat, and who also “went out of his way to launch a gratuitous attack” on Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Ibn Warraq and Robert Spencer, ironically warned in his new book that a parallel society is developing in parts of “Muslim Britain.” He noted that “Muslim communities are distancing themselves from wider British society and adopting stricter versions of their faith.” An example: “Mosques run schools and pronounce on Islamic law. Restaurants offer gender segregation under the polite name of ‘family seating.’”

It should be obvious that an illegal Muslim migration invasion exacerbates these problems.

Several days ago, Illegal Muslim migrants threatened “mob unrest” if their housing demands were not met.

British politicians are not the ones who will face the fallout from illegal Muslim migration.

But all they care about is benefiting from the Muslim vote.

“Channel crossings: Patel calls on social media companies to take down videos,” by Hazel Shearing, BBC, June 6, 2021:

Home Secretary Priti Patel has called for the removal of social media posts that “glamourise” dangerous migrant crossings from Europe.

In a letter to social media companies, Ms Patel said videos promoting “lethal crossings” were “unacceptable”.

Facebook, which also owns Instagram, said people smuggling was illegal and that content encouraging the activity was “not allowed” on its platforms.

Several hundred migrants have attempted to cross the Channel in the past week.

Reports that a Border Force ship entered French waters and picked up migrants from a UK-bound dinghy are being investigated by the Home Office.

Ms Patel’s letter was sent after a video that appeared to show a group of men crossing the Channel in a dinghy went viral on TikTok.

People smugglers use posts – which also feature on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – to promote crossings to desperate migrants, the Home Office added.

“Posts which promote and even glamourise these lethal crossings are totally unacceptable,” Ms Patel said.

“They encourage others to leave a safe European country and put their and their family’s lives at risk and are even used by people smugglers to promote their deadly business.”

“What these posts don’t mention are the people who have died trying to make this crossing, or those forced to spend 13 hours in unseaworthy boats in freezing waters,” Ms Patel said.

She added that social media companies had “made progress” in removing the posts but “must quickly and proactively… before more men, women and children die in the Channel.”

Source |Image: Reuters

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