It is absolutely ignorant at this point for anyone not to know the damage done to India by unified Muslims and conversion missionaries along with confused ignorant Hindus who think they are secular intellectuals.

You will find many Hindus opposing polices like CAA, NRC and revoking Article 370 in J&K. It is very unfortunate they are so ignorant. Muslims oppose these polices because they are unified in their agenda. It is not a fantasy to say all Muslims consider one ummah, does not matter if that is India, Pakistan, Bangladesh or USA for that matter. Its ultimate goal is to convert all countries to Islam. All Muslims invaders did was to convert Hindus forcefully to Islam, now they have changed the strategy to increase their number by outbreeding all other religions. It is working in India and elsewhere. Akhanda Bharat stretching from Afghanistan to Bangladesh and beyond already gobbled up by unified Muslims. Now they are working on breaking rest of Bharat from confused ignorant infighting Hindus. Even though Muslims know living in Hindu India they have better life than living in Islamic Pakistan, but they can’t help it, it’s in their very nature to destroy.

Why this context is important in USA now more than ever because every democratic candidate in USA, Bernie, Hillary, Biden or AOC all have Muslim advisors. Muslims have carefully infiltrated democratic party machineries, carving policies to favor Muslims and further their agenda, nationally and internationally including policy in India not limiting to Kashmir. They are focused on open border for endless Muslim migration and create an environment like how Ilhan Omar got elected from Somali concentrated constituency and Rashida Taib from Arab majority have more Muslim representatives in the House and Senate. Record number of candidates are contesting for house and senate this time with heavy sponsorship from CAIR(Center for American Islamic Relations) and Saudi. 

We can clearly see what is happening in USA because we have seen this movie before, People in USA do not know this, some are waking up slowly to this nightmare. 

Cities in USA are burning from looting, rioting, arson and murder. Democrats are encouraging this behavior, what is the similarity between politics in India and USA? Strikingly getting similar for the worst, recent example Delhi riots, very well organized and funded by anti national forces . Democrats are also asking to dismantle police forces, ICE and homeland security. Can you imagine country without these law enforcement agencies? 

Democratic party used to be centered on thoughts and policies now it has been hijacked by extreme left communists and heavily infiltrated by Jihadists eyeing on ultimate prize of conquering USA. Now it may sound like fiction but it is already a reality in Europe. 

Democratic party now wants to teach Islam in schools (Biden clearly said this recently look it up) and open to sharia courts in USA. Do you want Sharia courts in USA? And your kids learning Islam in school? 

Another player in consideration is China. Only one country that can get away with concentration camps in 21st century say the least. China is huge national security and economic threat to India and USA in the short and long term. This is very clear from everything going on.

China will be emboldened further with Biden presidency. Why do they care when Democrats in their pocket? Do not believe the media even for a moment that Russia is bigger threat than China. US law makers are already realizing this fact and preparing for eventual conflicts. Only Trump will stand up to china not Biden.

Biden has deep ties to CCP and policies with china will be much softer compared to Trump. If India and China ever get in to war situation, Trump will stand by India 100%. Biden will definitely avoid taking sides. Yes this can happen considering recent confrontation and growing uneasiness around China India relations.

Kamal Harris is complete reflection of Biden and in many ways, she is much worst. She never identified her self as Indian before. She is identifying herself as Black and Christian with extreme liberal ideology than all democratic candidates combined, very dangerous.

Many Indians worry trump and immigration, Trump will loosen up legal immigration after the election for sure. He is proposing merit based system that helps Indian immigrants more.

Another point in consideration is economy. Biden and party will raise taxes across the board for rich or middle class alike. You can count on broad stock market decline and economy in general. When you are coming out of pandemic situation, last thing you want raising taxes.

What we do?

It is not a very good idea to consider Trump as our spiritual advisor.

Trump is not a career politician like Obama, his background is like many rich people what we know about him is all true. He did not get elected for his shiny character. He has issues no one is disputing that.  But I believe many of his policies benefit USA.

I voted for Obama twice but can’t think of single thing he did that benefited USA. All I heard was nice speech and popular with Hollywood celebrities saying he is cool.

When the choice is binary, you have to pick one that makes sense.

Democrats pay lots of attention to muslims and for their voice, but they do not pay any attention to Hindus why? Because they have taken us for granted. It is about time we make our political opinion heard loud and clear.

Considering the Facts on what is happening and what we know, it is no brainer that Hindus need to vote for Trump. We need to make a right decision for our homeland and motherland.

All we can hope for more polished GOP candidate for 2024.

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