The ongoing political violence and genocide in Bengal has scaled to new levels today with an early morning arrest of TMC’s senior ministers and leaders close to Mamata Banerjee, Firhad Hakim, of Mini Pakistan fame, Madan Mitra, Subrata Mukherjee and Sovan Chatterjee.

Mamata Banerjee got so rattled that she personally intimidated the CBI officers by going down to CBI office in Kolkata and dared them to arrest her. Her party cadre ran riot on the streets of Kolkata by pelting stones at CBI office and creating absolute lawlessness egged on by the Chief Minister of the state herself who is supposed to maintain law and order of the state.

Even the Governor was not spared, TMC criminals gathered outside Governor’s Raj Bhawan and openly called for skinning the Governor, Jagdeep Dhankar alive. When the Governor of a state is not safe from TMC criminals, how can other normal citizens be safe in Bengal?

The Governor stated that he is very concerned at the alarming situation in Bengal and called upon Mamata Banerjee to follow constitutional norms and rule of law. He urged that the West Bengal police to take steps to maintain the law and order. He observed that the situation is very serious and it is sad that the situation is allowed to drift in lawlessness with no action by the authorities.

The West Bengal Governor tweeted to Mamata Banerjee there there is “Total lawlessness and anarchy. The police and administration is in silent mode.” He further warned her that, “Hope you realise the repercussions of such lawlessness and failure of constitutional mechanism. Time to reflect and contain the explosive situation that is worsening minute by minute.”

He invited the attention of Mamata Banerjee by saying, “On channels and in public domain I notice arson and pelting of stones at CBI office. Pathetic that Kolkata Police and West Bengal Police are just mute onlookers” He added, “I appeal to you to act and restore law and order”.

It is highly unlikely that Mamata is going to rein in her murderous terrorist party cadre, when she herself is egging them on with provocative statements. She has openly declared a war against the central government as most of her senior leaders and her own nephew are embroiled in some corruption case or the other and are likely to be arrested and prosecuted by the central agencies.

Meanwhile the genocide of BJP workers, supporters, voters and Hindus in general in Muslim majority areas in West Bengal are being lynched and cleansed out of Bengal.

Bengal is truly in a state of utter lawlessness and anarchy abegging the attention of Centre for President’s Rule or intervention from the Supreme Court and High Court to ensure rule of law.

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